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Backers of the campaign to recall Santa Ana City Councilwoman Ceci Iglesias have put signs up in a Caltrans work area on N. Main St. and Edgewood, at the 5 Freeway. This is a blatant violation of the Santa Ana political sign ordinance which prohibits putting signs up in public areas. This work zone is also off limits to the public so the recall campaign supporters engaged in trespassing when they put up these signs.

I reported this on the MySantaAna phone app this morning. I expect the signs will be taken down soon.

This is the type of behavior I have come to expect from the recall supporters, who are mostly NIMBYs from the Park Santiago neighborhood and disgruntled members of the Santa Ana Police Officers Association.

The NIMBYs are upset because Iglesias voted to support the development of a luxury apartment building at 2525 N. Main St.

The police officers are upset because Iglesias refused to support their huge pay raise, which passed without her support.

Iglesias was actually instrumental in convincing the developer to greatly reduce the density of this project.

In related news we posted a video, above, of paid signature gatherers who were collecting signatures at Santa Ana College on a related ballot referendum, to overturn the City of Santa Ana’s approval of the 2525 N. Main St. development. The signature gatherers can be heard in the video telling voters that this project will displace the Discovery Cube – a blatant lie as this project will actually result in the Discovery Cube gaining access to badly needed additional parking spaces at 2525 N. Main St.

We also caught the signature gatherers blatantly blocking a public sidewalk in the Park Santiago neighborhood, by the 2525 N. Main St. property. That violation was also reported on the MySantaAna phone app.

The entitled NIMBYs who are supporting these ballot referendums are clearly willing to break the law to get their way. Santa Ana’s voters should remember this when the recall election comes up on May 19.

These same NIMBY’s by the way are currently lying again, on the Nextdoor website, about a recent killing that took place at Santiago Park. The killing happened at the entrance to that park, as a group of suspects attacked and killed a homeless man. The NIMBY’s right away blamed the 2525 N. Main St. development for this murder.

In reality if the 2525 N. Main St. project was actually progressing it would currently be in the framing state and there would be security around the clock. There would be less crime in the Park Santiago neighborhood.

The NIMBY’s recalcitrance and obstinance has actually made the Park Santiago neighborhood less safe!

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6 thoughts on “Santa Ana Recall Election campaign signs posted illegally”
  1. Thank you for telling the TRUTH about Ceci Iglesias and the unfair treatment she is receiving. Rather than honestly looking at her record and commitment to the people of Santa Ana, the efforts to crucify her are clearly intended to satisfy the personal and self-serving agendas of those who oppose her.

  2. I felt Ceci was sincere thru the review process for 2525 Main bring up concerns and objections to the project theses concerns were never addressed. The Discovery Zone parking was only a concern after they used there parking to overbuild expand there building. I would not blame anyone without actual proof putting up recall signs. Not one recall sign in Park Santiago. I was set back when Ceci flipped and voted for the 3525 main street project until she put out that she is running for Mayor of Santa Ana, Ryan is king on dark money I hope shes not on line.

  3. This article is entitled illegal posting of recalling council member Ceci. writer posted 7 or 8 line to the recall sign posting then flipped to some unrelated 2525 main street and wrote over 10 times calling people names and accusations and a video of some person bullying kids. Right on

  4. Some lady was “ canvassing “ the neighborhood when she made it to my door and asked for my signature for the recall. I asked the lady if she knew anything about this recall and she said no , that she’s from Norwalk. The sign posting illegally the sidewalk blocking , those are just small actions that those people who claim to be Santa Ana residents do. Compared to the other illegal activities they do. The nice side of Santa Ana elderly WHITE people wouldnt break the law right ? It’s time for the white privilege to end for everyone.

    1. Why are you allowing the reply from”anonymous” attack white people on a public format? This is BS and attacks on anyone for their race/color is unacceptable…. At a time when we are all dealing with being quarantined and you start attacking ?? Shameful!

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