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Yost Theater

Santa Ana: In Need of a Real Renaissance

By Omar Ávalos Gallegos, The Santa Ana Sentinel, on April 11, 2013

In a city that is overwhelmingly Latino (upwards of over 80 percent) it becomes necessary for the majority to be reflected in the city’s decision making. Santa Ana is in need of a true organic growth from within, and not from unmeasured transplantation from without.

One area where Latinos are grossly under-represented is in business. We Latinos in Santa Ana have the numbers. We are a numeric and political majority, but we are not an economic majority.

Let me rephrase that. We are not the economic engine. We provide dollars and consumers, but we generally don’t generate the jobs, much less own commercial real estate.

In a city where we’ve faced controversy and battles over gentrification, it is up to those of us that care for this city, and who want to see our majority reflected in all aspects of city life, to become the business class.

We’ve faced problems with what some of us interpret as a transgressive landlord in the downtown at the newly christened “East End.” Well the way to counteract landlords like that is to become one yourself. We need more Latino commercial landlords for every type like the “East Enders.”

Why? Why is it important for us to have our majority reflected in commercial real estate? Because then we decide what gets programmed and housed. We decide what cultural activities and events are appropriate. We decide what businesses get leases.

The way things are setup now, The Yost Theater in not a space reflective of the Santa Ana community, and it is a shame. A former city council facilitated privatizing this historic theater and in doing so took what should have been a historic resource and cultural outlet away from the community.

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110 thoughts on “Santa Ana: In Need of a Real Renaissance”
  1. Omar, we passed each other today like ships in the almost night. Good thing I had coffee at the Gentrication bar instead of beer at the Gentrification Bar or else I would have been all like BLAH BLAH BLAH. That’s me of course, not you. I like your article here.

  2. But I must say,
    The Downtown Santa Ana homogeneous “Community” though is a fiction.
    There is the elementary school “community”. There is the apartment and housing “community”. There is the creative business “community”. There is the industrial “community” There is the Government/Politico “community”. There is the journalist “community”, The LGBT “Community”. The homeless “community” (That’s a big one!) The immigrant “community”,
    The Chicano “community”. All of these folks think of Downtown Santa Ana as their home and “community’. All of these folks deserve equal access to be a voice for the “community”.

    1. The point I’m making is that the majority should have more of a presence in matters of the downtown, and citywide. It’s the same point I’ve been making for years.

      Sometimes it seems that it is taboo to acknowledge what Santa Ana’s demographics are. It’s a place full of Mexicans when it comes time to bash this place, but then suddenly all Mexicans vanish into thin air when it comes to serving another group’s interests.

      There is a conscious wishing away of Mexican influence in the downtown. There are attempts to block out the sun with one finger.

      You are diluting what this majority is by dividing it into subsets or “communities” as you say.

  3. You are correct, the majority Mexican community should have more of a say, and also think in terms of a Santa Ana Mexican Cultural Renaissance even if that is considered a Euro-Centric term as considered by some activists.

    1. Euro-centric is the blatant whitewashing of the downtown. That’s what’s happening and let’s not kid ourselves. It’s Euro-centric because of white Americans’ quickness to associate with and place a higher value on European ancestry.

      Yup, I remember the World Cup final at Memphis when a majority of the house was rooting for Holland.

      By the way, I recommend the book Whitewashed Adobe, a history by William Deverell who is an English professor at USC. Ever since he started using the term whitewash, I don’t feel so bad using it anymore, because he’s calling things as they were. What happened in that book is happening now in Santa Ana.

      1. Regarding your comment about various groups being represented, that’s not the case in DTSA. I’ve always argued for balance in the DT but I’m seeing an imbalance.

        Of these groups that you’ve identified it is precisely the LGBT that is getting preferential treatment. What do you call turning Teatro Fiesta into a gay movie theater?

        If you’ve been keeping up, you’ve seen that its an entirely new LGBT not native to Santa Ana that us being catered to.

        I argued that there isn’t enough variety in the DT with a downtown inc lackey, whose name is Wendy. I said to that out of touch new arrival that there isn’t any real cultural diversity in eating options there. That does not make a respectable, cosmopolitan downtown.

        The “changes” that the little sparrow “is proud to be a part of” for example, are one-sided.

  4. “The point I’m making is that the majority should have more of a presence in matters of the downtown, and citywide”………. Hmmmmm

    It has and that is why Santa Ana sucks!…… Omar

  5. The problem is that Hispanic/ Latinos are 99% left-liberal-socialists which does nod yield entrepreneurialism but dependency.

    If you want a real Renaissance you must have venture capital which concept does not exists in Hispanic/ Latino culture.

    Without private venture capital any real progress is impossible.

    Socialists like Teo hate private venture capital.

    1. Fiala, I understand perfectly that a business mentality must be inculcated in the Latino community. That’s what I’ve been arguing for years.

      I’ve written about the anti-capitalist philosophy in our midst and identified it as a problem.

      I know about the influence of the Latin American left.

      These are challenges that the Latino community faces. This is an ideological battle that must be won (inculcating a business mentality in the Latino community).

      Now that this problem is identified we need more business incubators, and ones that are Santa Ana specific. Ones that turn the enormous potential of the Santa Ana majority into an economic, job-generating engine.

      1. In addition, if you want to see an example of Latin American capitalism, go to Mexico City. You’ll be amazed if not dumbstruck.

        Also, you conveniently point out that Latinos are a numerical and political majority without taking into account that these realities are not yet reflected in job creation.

        Rome wasn’t built overnight.

        1. “go to Mexico City”……. Hmmmmmm

          FYI, I have large family in the Mexico City and am frequent visitor there.

          In early 90’s I have wrote a letter to, then presidente Zedillo, offering a unique venture which could promote Mexico. He did reply to me and started trickling down process via various departments and my proposal ended up in some University, which name I have forgotten, replying to me with a classic Hispanic/ Latino egoistic crapola — we do not need you Gringo.

          Unfortunately Omar, you are using left liberal talking points in your argument which are self destructive.

          I am convinced that it is Hispanic/ Latino culture which does not allow for a capitalistic entrepreneurialism.

          Since Hispanic/ Latinos are clinching to their culture and wouldn’t adopt Anglo economical principles, like China did, they are doomed.

          1. That was my next point. I was going to tell you to be careful not to generalize.

            You’ve gone off the far end making this easy.

            You’ve revealed a defeatist mentality, and written off an entire group of people, essentially calling that group underachieving and it is such typical bigoted rhetoric.

            I mean really, how typical.

            You have no faith in the economic potential of this Latino, or any other Latino, community but I do.

            So I’m going to place your words, and professor of sociology Sandra Wood’s words on a scale and see what weighs more.

            Mm hmm, I think I’ve made my point clear.

  6. FYI omar, I have made proposal to City Management, of which Admin knows, which could help to establish changes in the City bringing very much needed jobs into the Latino community.

    However, I am virtually certain that in the Hispanic/ Latino ran City it will be ridiculed and rejected because an entrepreneurialism is not supported here.

  7. Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.

    Oh, and do you know where the next tech boom is happening?

    Tijuana FYI. Read up.

    What country ranks 3rd behind China and Korea in tech manufacturing? Mexico.

    What country is graduating more engineers, per capita, than the United States? Mexico.

  8. “What country ranks 3rd behind China and Korea in tech manufacturing? Mexico.

    What country is graduating more engineers, per capita, than the United States? Mexico.”…………. Hmmmmmmm

    You must support your illusive socialistic statistics with the facts.

    If all that would be factual there wouldn’t be 20M exodus from the Mexico with 80M population.

    Again, if I would be Mexican and Tijuana would be booming, I would be in Tijuana and not on the corner of the Home Depot begging for a substandard job.

    Your egoistic crapola is clear example of what is wrong with Hispanic/ Latino culture.

    If you are number 3 in the world than show it.

    1. How about you READ UP and step into the 21st century?

      Are you that stubborn that you don’t understand that tech growth is a recent trend in Mexico?

      WOW. You’re just grasping at thin air now.

        1. And speaking of pulling things out of… thin air… you’re calling me a socialist? I’m the one that for years has been arguing for Latinos to CHANGE and become the business class here in Santa Ana. Not you, obviously, because of your now-publicly confirmed bigotry.

          Mine is a progressive and capitalist argument, not a retrogressive one based on obsolete data.

          How is arguing for capitalist solutions socialist?

          What you are making, Sir, is called nonsense.

  9. “Are you that stubborn that you don’t understand that tech growth is a recent trend in Mexico?”…….. Hmmmmmm

    According to Mexican culture and folklore, based on Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo) the Mexico was forced by USA not to allow any such tech growth.

    FYI, I do not read fiction nor syfy crapola.

    If it would be true the Mexicans would not come to USA which itself is in the economical crap.

  10. “Mine is a progressive and capitalist argument, not a retrogressive one based on obsolete data”……… Hmmmmmm

    The capitalism cant be progressive you idiot! The capitalism is based on supply demand equation to generate wealth!

    Only socialism can be progressive! The socialism is based on redistribution of the wealth.

    1. Look, dimwit, I understand that your pea brain is at fault for your lousy reading comprehension, and for that matter, your critical thinking.

      You can’t grasp the idea that Latinos need to adopt capitalist, business thinking.

      That’s progressive in the purest sense of the word, not your simplistic cold-war, archaic mentality and definition.

      “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

      1. “You can’t grasp the idea that Latinos need to adopt capitalist, business thinking.”……….. Hmmmmm

        And you must grasp that the Latino culture does not allow such adoption without adopting Americanism as an ideology of individualism and unalienable rights first.

        Now, apply Fitzgerald to your IQ.

        1. Then how do you explain Mexican capitalists? Why are some of them teaching economics at Harvard, NYU etc etc etc?

          Business and mercantilism is not exclusive to the US. But there you go again with your fiction, making it seem that the business mentality is solely exclusive to “Americanism.”

          This definition of “Americanism” is an entirely different topic.

          1. There are no Mexican capitalists!

            The Mexico is Oligarchy so Mexicans here are acting as if USA is the Oligarchy too.

            If there is any Mexican teaching in Harvard he is teaching how bad capitalism is.

            Solorio is Harvard graduate, I believe, and look how economical midget he is, and what did he accomplished in his congressional tenure!……. Nothing!

            If you want to help Mexicans in Santa Ana make the constitutional Americans out of them first.

            The rest will come automaticaly and naturally.

            FYI, the Americanism is very core of successful capitalism.

            For example the British form of capitalism was very cruel system.

        2. “.. Latino culture does not allow such adoption without adopting Americanism as an ideology of individualism and unalienable rights first.” Ding – ding – ding!!! – you are absolutely 100% correct. Do you see that happening in the forseeable future? I don’t.

          1. “.. Latino culture does not allow such adoption without adopting Americanism as an ideology of individualism and unalienable rights first.”

            Omar – Do you see that happening in the forseeable future?

          2. Really, Fiala? Were you in ex President’s Zedillo’s Ivy League course?

            Zedillo was a former head of the IMF you dolt.

            Does that sound like a capitalist-hating Mexican.

            Get real, and while you’re at it, get a life.

  11. Omar,

    What percentage of Santa Ana’s latino residents do you believe are citizens and are therefore eligible to vote?

    1. Santa Ana has enough of a percentage to elect an all-Latino city council and this is more than obvious.

      It is enough now and it will be greater and greater with time as more and more young people become of voting age.

      It’s this trend that has the majority reflected in city council.

      1. “Santa Ana has enough of a percentage to elect an all-Latino city council and this is more than obvious”………. Hmmmmmm

        Not so fast Omar, Martinez and Benavides got elected by default.

        in 2002 Pulido ran unopposed too. In 2004 I was the only one running against him as Gringo (from “Green Go”) and got 10,000 votes which was about 1/3 and I believe more than Martinez and Benavides in that election.

        So do not be so sure.

        The problem is that Gringo gave up on the Santa Ana and its SAPD which is essentially a racketeering enterprise, now managed by puny Chief Rojas.

        I think that Rojas would be good boyscout leader not a Chief of Santa Ana PD or he can do dental commercials for Dr. Amalgam aka Art Lomeli.

        1. That’s right. Those that were here left and another group came in to take the reigns. That’s not the Mexican’s fault.

          Santa Ana is a work in progress within this new reality.

          1. “Santa Ana is a work in progress”

            That is hilarious! Not only is that the lamest excuse of all time – that is the same excuse the pea brains on the SA Council gave 4 years ago – ha! LMFAO!

  12. Omar, just so I understand this correctly, are you hinting that before this gentrification process began in Downtown Santa Ana, the area was better off economically? Or are you saying that you believe that a new brand of Latino business/land owner can come back and do a better job than was done before? If things were going well in the area, there wouldn’t have been as much of an opportunity for this process to occur.

    The reason these types of businesses are opening is not solely because of who owns the land, there are a number of businesses who like what they see going on in the area and want to be a part of that movement. Whomever owns that land will always hedge toward a business they think will be successful, it’s the way it goes. Even a Latino with the power to enact this change you’d like to see isn’t just going to open up to Latino owned businesses just for the sake of it. If they put themselves in a position to own a chunk of commercial real estate, it’s because they are savvy enough to not let their personal view get in the way of smart business.

    I understand where you are coming from, but frankly, I don’t see a drastic change occurring to put a dent in the current direction of DTSA. The area is the the center of the largest city in Orange County. It’s the closest thing we have to an urban downtown setting. That said, it would be silly to think there isn’t going to be a large contingent that would want to move in and give it a more upbeat vibe. It’s working. All of the newish bars/restaurants are thriving and there is excitement for the next few that will be opening over the next few months; and lets not forget the recently announce food market that will be opening early next year. The ship has seemingly sailed with regards to your plea, but fret not, Santa Ana is a pretty large city, geographically.

    1. I’m saying that a new brand of Latino business/land owner can do a better job than was done before.

      You simply cannot ignore the fact that there is enormous potential in Santa Ana’s youth.

      But many non-Latinos do willfully and conveniently ignore the fact that this potential exists.

      It is that same mentality that writes off an entire body, damning them as if they’re bound to failure.

      That’s what you want to believe.

      And I’ll stop you there and say that the DOWNTOWN is still large enough for improvement. Improvement includes REAL, RESPECTABLE, COSMOPOLITAN CULTURAL VARIETY.

      Not what is there now, which is a an overpriced burger joint followed by two more of the same.

      I demand Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean, and other types of cuisine!

      And if I were that landlord that is what I would be housing to fill that need.

      No thanks Harrah and Chase. You get two thumbs down.

      1. Whatever. If they want to come to the Downtown and be as successful as the restaurants are, they are welcome to do so. I’m sure there is space in our vast Downtown. Gosh, that Chapter One is yummy!

        1. Oh, look everyone, now she’s changing her tune. Aww how sweet.

          I took a friend there and he found a long hair in his food. How embarrassing. Why? Because they have some long-haired oddball working there who doesn’t wear a hairnet.

          You know who he is.

          Good luck. Don’t choke on a hairball DT.

          1. Tune change? Sorry, no istruments being played over here. That hair was from your nose. Nice try. Who paid for your meal or did you have a gentrification discount card? You know, Downtown needs a great sushi restaurant.

          1. bigot, bigot, bigot, bigot……. That is only thing what this left-liberal Mexican can utter and that is why you are Mexican and not American regardless of your birth.

          2. Labels seem to make you feel comfortable. You love to pump your dream act 2nd rate education and call people names. Sorry if the truth hurts but not really. Hey, want to grab some Crosby to go and then grab a movie at the new indie movie theater on 4th and Spurgeon? I’m even down for some dancing at The Yost.

          3. You’re beyond help and your head is far too far in the gutter for salvaging it.

            Your downtown inc bosses must be proud of you.

            You’re a blundering, assuming idiot to think that I have an education because of the Dream Act.

            You don’t even know what that legislation is.

            You keep on assuming things, tripping over your tongue, and thanks for the laughs!

          4. Thanks for proving yet again, you don’t know how to play without name calling. Whatever it takes to make you feel better about yourself. Oh, I was surprised you could spell, ‘iPhone’. Technology baby!

          5. Oh, bye-bye? No. I miss my racist, poorly educated, living in the past, name calling because that’s all he has to argue with, bitter at the successful progress in Downtown, turns a blind eye to crime statistics because he knows what dominate demographic is committing the crimes-I’m sure those bad folks are just prepping for a Harvard education-demands more variety in Downtown restaurant food choices, believes the surge of technology in Mexico is not directly related to the number of stolen computers, phones, etc., homophobic, friend! Oh well, plenty more losers to choose from. Santa Ana’s majority!

        1. Aww… you can’t say goodbye? I’m flattered. Gee, Santa Ana is sooo bad, filled with crime-committing Mexicans-as you suggest-that you spend time here.

          What even brought you here in the first place?

          I bet not one of those younger people that do downtown even think about, or equate, Santa Ana with crime.

          So just who is stuck in the past?

          Mm hmm, that would be you.

          You’re making stuff up concerning a tech boom in Mexico, but it’s okay, it’s only you considering the source.

          How convenient to ignore that crime rates have dropped in Santa Ana over the last twenty years-thanks to Pulido and Walters-and that’s what made it possible for their to even be a “vibrant downtown” as you like to call it.

          You want to equate crime with Mexicans? We’re not the ones with a pattern of shooting up schools. That’s your people. Oh, what was that? The truth hurts?

          That’s it Wendy. I’m done arguing with you. I’m not retracting my words but I don’t need to exchange verbal gunfire.

      1. “And nothing I do will ever be good for the likes of you because you’re a goddamned racist.”……… Hmmmm

        Omar, you are Classical left-liberal who is using race to promote Santa Ana and an accomplished academic under the Affirmative Action where every monkey will pass and get a diploma.

        In real world your education is equal to onion field worker for Cesar Chavez union.

  13. THere is only one solution to the Racist Shock and Awe that is Gentrified Santa Ana.
    Rape Chapter one for their $2.00 dollar Old Chub Happy Hour specials, give interviews to MSNBC like I did this afternoon with Mr Elmerik. from the Voice of O.C.
    Pimp it and tell the truth at the same time bitches!
    Capitalism and Socialism = two sides of the same coin.
    Materialistic Mongoloid un-imaginative stagnation.
    Peace out. N.S.A. Propaganda Whores!

  14. That’s the “One Solution” Fiala, not “The Final Solution”
    Christian Affirmation! not Anti-Semitic Negation.
    Payan X! Hammer March! Power to the Propagandists! UUUMPH.

  15. Read it again you dullard!

    Nowhere it suggests that Zadillo was a part of IMF. He may have negotiate with IMF as president of Mexico.

    At that point the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank became key players in Mexico, working New York and European bankers and with the new technocratic presidents–Miguel de la Madrid, Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Ernesto Zedillo–to impose a new economic order on Mexico.

    Your stupidity is classical reimbursement to Mexicans.

  16. Technocratic Americans = Fake progressive, Capitalists Sympathizing Tools!
    That is not you Angry Bohemian is it? Anti-Art?
    Didn’t you get sculpted tonight? Or did you not have enough Capital to get it done?

    1. “Technocratic Americans = Fake progressive, Capitalists Sympathizing Tools!”………… Hmmmmmmm

      I wish I could understand your linguistic crapola and I do try hard. Perhaps you should drop your profusely used left-liberal talking points like “progressive, technocrat, capitalist, sympathize” etc. etc. etc.

      Maybe the accomplished academic Omar can translate for me.

  17. “.. Latino culture does not allow such adoption without adopting Americanism as an ideology of individualism and unalienable rights first.”

    Omar – Do you see that happening in the forseeable future?

  18. Omar …. Omar ……. Omar – are you there? Seamus asked you a question – please provide the courtesy of a reply.

    1. Oh, hi again. Sorry for the delayed reply. You can thank your friend Wendy Boelter at downtown inc for dragging me back into this thread.

      With regards to your trick question, business is not exclusive to “Americanism” as I already explained.

      And yes, more and more Latinos will enter the business class, not only 1st generation immigrants. It turns out that this category is opening more businesses that I expected, to my surprise. But that’s nothing compared to the business that their kids, the 2nd generation will generate.

      Don’t take it from me, take it from the sociologists I’m only relaying what a sociologist said.

      Got it? Good.

      P.S. I’m an American by default I just happen to be of Mexican descent. And I’m proud of it and wouldn’t have ot any other way.When mediocrities like Fiala say that “we” need to “become Americans first” he’s only revealing proof that no positive thing that I or any other Latino do will ever be good enough.

      His is the type of mediocre mentality of certain new coming visitors in the downtown that gawk at me like they’ve never seen a Mexican before. Why? Because when they are me they don’t see an American, they see a Mexican. But I’ll take that with great pleasure thank you very much.

      1. *Correction: Why? Because when they see me they don’t see an American, they see a Mexican. But I’ll take that with great pleasure thank you very much.

        I typed that from my iPhone, hear that Wendy? My IPHONE. Oooohhh ahhhh.

        Hey so let me ask, does being an obnoxious braggard, like when Boelter brought up that she was writing to me from a Macintosh-not knowing that I was doing the same-make me more acceptable and more “American?”

        Just wondering.

        I know, I know it doesn’t. Nothing does. Not even being born here, right? I know.

        1. “Because when they see me they don’t see an American, they see a Mexican.”……… Hmmmmm

          And your pinhead brain think color when in fact it is your behavior an limited knowledge of what the America stands for.

          I did not see you, so I do not know your color but after reading firs paragraph of your article, I knew that it was written by left-liberal-Mexican who believe in “progressive capitalism” perhaps ultimate oxymoron.

          To be an American you must first put your shit where it belongs not into your head.

          1. You REALLY need to take your own advice.

            FYI: there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with being liberal or Mexican.

            Hear those rusty gears? That’s the sound of Fiala’s brain trying to process this

            There’s nothing wrong with being conservative or either.

            But there is everything wrong
            with a guy like Fiala’s brand of “Americanism” which really is ultra, hyped pseudo patriotism, backwards and intolerant. (He doesn’t like being called a bigot, which he is and unashamedly, what’s worse) so we’ll use the euphemism “intolerant” and “prejudiced.”

          2. “But there is everything wrong
            with a guy like Fiala’s brand of “Americanism” which really is ultra, hyped pseudo patriotism, backwards and intolerant”………. Hmmmmmm

            That is probably another reason why should you pick onions for Cesar Chavez Union.

            The USA constitution and Federalist papers are too much for Mexican monkey like you.

  19. Fiala’s “Rusty Gears” HAAAA HAAA.
    Omar, Fiala forgot to tell you that his ex-wife or Ex Baby Mama is a Latina!
    You should ask him what his excuse was for getting involved in that political contradiction!
    Couldn’t discipline her enough Fiala?

    1. It appear that you left your penis in the plaster of paris mold until it got to hard and now you do not know who to blame Teo.

      Friendly advise you idiot: use chisel!

    1. So what do you think of our City Council? There are two teachers on the Council. And a temporary government worker, a lawyer and a realtor with no listings. Mayor Pulido is the only one with actual business experience.

      1. “Mayor Pulido is the only one with actual business experience.”…….. Hmmmmmm

        So why is his Muller shop not expanded in 20 years of his Mayoral tenure.

        Why is he not paying business tax and is in tax foreclosure?

    2. Just keep underestimating like what you do best, Wendy Boelter. In your self-righteous mentality you think the business plan you defend is correct and it’s not.

      Replacing one group of people with another?

      Replacing the retail and eating options there?

      Catering to outsiders and not being in tune with the people in place?

      What you fail to comprehend over and over and over is that I argue for local people to be part of the solution by entering the business class.

      Now you’re changing your tune again? I knew it. Awhile back you commented, “If they want to open businesses, they’re welcome to.”

      Now you’re just showing your true colors.

      The business model you defend does not include local people. You’re going to argue poor academic achievement and impossibility, but in your short-sighted and defeatist mentality, you don’t think further. You don’t expect anything from the people here because of your prejudice.

      This typical mentality is found in our local government and education system. It is systematic and rotten to the core. There has been no effort to tap into the potential for business development from Santa Ana locals. It takes an educational and motivational process to harness this potential.

      Quite frankly, you nor anyone else up to now, has the brain or vision to comprehend the problem and propose solutions.

      I’ve heard “educators” of all levels writing off Santa Ana youth.

      It’s convenient. It’s easier for you to view the world with the over-simplified view that Mexicans = underachievers. That’s what your downtown inc bosses think, that’s what you think, and so many others of your type think.

      1. You’re really a bitter little fool. Keep on dreaming. This is fun. You’re all bent out of shape. Ha. Chill out. Play some dominos or go shopping at that stupid Main Place Mall. Be amongst you’re friends. Grab some food court lunch. Enjoy Santa Ana, the way you like it. You’re a waste of computer ink.

  20. Omar, I am starting to agree with the others. Perhaps you do not understand Business.
    What the F@#$ do business people care about community people or local people if they can replace them with higher spending consumers.
    Please disconnect your moral arguments and your social arguments and cultural arguments from your business arguments.
    Capitalist business folk only give a shit about Green at the expense of everything else. It’s called Capitalistic Greed. Stop trying to be an apologists for it, just because you do not like the leftists and the activists. it is making your head all mushy.

    1. No, I get “smart” business, but the process in the downtown is laced, and perhaps even driven by racism. When people like Boelter make overt racist comments-she’s part of downtown inc therefore represents it-then they don’t have a leg to stand on when they say that they’re NOT bigoted. They just hate being called that. You haven’t even seen the types of comments she made in emails to me. And on top of those comments, they get pissed when I call them what they are??? How self-righteous can they be?

      And you’re completely oversimplifying my thought process by saying “just because you don’t like the leftists and the activists.”

      Whether you like it or not, more Latinos need to enter the business class

      So now you’ve turned into the apologist for their business model. Think twice about who’s head is “mushy.” These are the same people that insult your mother’s ancestry.

      1. No, that would be you, who ignores a concept like social responsibility in business. Times have changed and business does to.

        Does the word deregulation mean anything to you Fiala? I bet it does. How about “big government?” I see you a mile away, fella.

        I know, it’s easier to view the world with your simplistic point of view, and to accept social irresponsibility as the norm.

        I’ll reiterate. Progressive in the purest sense of the word, not the cold-war era simplistic definition that you hold onto. In your head you have the equation Liberal = leftist = hippie = progressive = flower child etc, etc.

        1. Folks, this crapola happens when a Mexican gets an affirmative action education.

          There goes your tax dollars.

  21. “Social Responsibility in Business” HAAA HAAA.
    That sounds like Gender Studies for Neo-Liberals or Indigenous History for Gentrifiers 101.
    Either you feel connected to the community or you don’t.
    Either you have a social conscience or you don’t.
    The problem is that there will always be some douchebag capitalist that has less of a conscience or more will to cheapen everything for a buck or cheat everyone for a buck or finance some politician to cheat everybody for a buck. Anti-socialism always has the business edge.
    I call this Omar’s Denial Paradox.

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