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LessThanUThink News Release
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Students Bring Nationally-recognized Anti-Binge Drinking Campaign to Santa Ana
College Campus

Santa Ana College students implement an anti-binge drinking campaign

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.— This spring, a Santa Ana College student team is reaching out to their peers at a variety of events with the message, “It takes less than you think to moderate consumption of alcohol” as part of a new campus initiative.

Implementation of the LessThanUThink campaign is intended to raise awareness of the negative social and physical consequences of binge drinking. Its objective is to encourage students to make responsible decisions concerning alcohol.

Following a successful implementation at Santiago Canyon College in Orange this past fall, the LessThanUThink- Orange County Team is excited for the opportunity to work in collaboration with the Santa Ana College Student Health and Wellness Center to implement the proven-effective LessThanUThink campaign. “For years, various groups and organizations have tried to positively influence the national problem of college-age binge drinking. Students don’t react well to preachy messages – these ads are for students by students using humor, and it’s proven to be an effective approach,” said Rebecca Barnard, Coordinator of the Student Health & Wellness.

For more information about the Orange County campaign, visit

It takes LessThanUThink.

LessThanUThink is a student-generated, anti-binge drinking campaign originally funded by The Century Council. The campaign was created by students at The University of Alabama, working with the Student Health Center Department of Health Promotion and Wellness in association with The Capstone Agency, a student-run public relations firm.


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