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Few folks today remember that the KKK was big in Santa Ana back in the late 1800’s.  But they were – in fact a fellow named Dr. Henry William Head lived in Santa Ana, where he served as the leader of the Santa Ana KKK, according to the OC Weekly.  But they didn’t wear the usual Klan clothing or even call themselves Klansmen because they were ordered to abandon those ways – so they wouldn’t get caught.

Years later the heritage of these haters lives on.  Today we call them Santa Ana’s Usual Suspects – and they gathered at a “rally” tonight, at 6 pm, at the home of XXXXX XXX, at XXX N. Heliotrope, to complain about the Chivas USA, a soccer team in Los Angeles that is very unlikely to move here to Santa Ana.

Why would the Chivas USA move here when they have a first-class arena in Carson?

That isn’t stopping the Usual Suspects however from ranting and raving.  Here is what they had to say on their latest flyer: the proposed Chivas soccer stadium will threaten “their way of life.”


Note the use of the phrase “way of life.”  That my friends is 100% Klan-speak! And they are advertising a “Rally!”  Again – 100% Klan-speak!  Click here for hundreds of examples of the phrase “Klan Rally.”

Check out these excerpts, with sources noted, of Klansmen of old referring to their “way of life:”

  •  Because the Klan leaders wholeheartedly embraced the agenda touting political and social reasons for organizing, the underlying ethos motivating their movement in Cañon City was the preservation of their Protestant beliefs and way of life. (Canon City Public Library)
  • African-Americans were no longer the sole focus of the Klan’s message of hate on Long Island, because black citizens comprised only 2 percent of the population. Catholics and foreign-born Americans were a much more visible target. By 1920, foreign-born residents had grown to 20 percent of the population. In Nassau, the number had increased in two decades from 11,004 to 25,998. In Suffolk, the figure rose from 14,650 to 23,888. These new immigrants constituted “the greatest threat to the American way of life,” the Klan claimed. (Brookhaven Hamlets)
  • These sources make it clear that the “Southern way of life” that was being fought for was the way of slavery. (They Called Themselves the KKK)
  • [I]n the last thirty years Communism began to grow in America. It has set up fronts such as the N.A.A.C.P and other Jewish controlled organizations as peddlers to create hate and brainwash the minds of the American people [to]. . . just about destroy our Christian faith, our freedom of rights, and the American Way of Life.  (Alabama Dept. of Archives and History)

Let’s face it – these haters are bashing the Chivas USA because their real issue is Mexicans.  It always has been.  If anything these folks have become even more inflamed since Mexican Americans took over the Santa Ana City Council (with the exception that Council Member Vince Sarmiento is of South American heritage).

I hope the proposed Chivas USA stadium DOES get built at Willowick Golf Course.  It probably won’t, but if it did it would be a huge economic boon to our city and a source of immense civic pride – except for those who are carrying on the ways of Dr. Head and his good old boys…

UPDATE: The woman who hosted the anti-soccer Klan of Usual Suspects meeting called the FBI and the SAPD today to complain that we had posted her name and address – even though that information appeared on the flier for the event that was widely distributed.  The SAPD asked me to consider taking the info down and I did – although it is still up on the website of the haters in question, which you can read by clicking here.

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26 thoughts on “Santa Ana anti-soccer Klan of Usual Suspects rally tonight”
  1. NSA-

    Read the flier closely, As exposed on the VOC blog, this is as much about:

    “A Threat To Mater Dei Sports”

    So the city of Santa Ana, it’s taxpayers and residents are suppossed to support a PRIVATE ATHLETIC PROGRAM, whose student body consists of a small portion of our kids?

    Nevermind, Mater Dei is part of a BILLION DOLLAR enterprise: The Catholic Church!

    The can afford to buy the Crystal Cathedral but are at risk of losing Eddie West Field TWO DAYS PER WEEK for ten weeks a year (hmm, my Catholic math makes that: 20 DAYS per year!).

    What would Fr. Chris Smith (formerly of St. Joseph, Fr. Sallot or Bishop Jaime Soto, all defenders of the immigrant population say?????


    Way of life????Where do these people live? Fantasyland?

  2. I know who this lady is! She’s the one who wanted the Planning Department to approve her building a 10 foot wall around her house. I think she said she was a afraid of her neighbors.

    She probably wouldn’t scare her neighbors if she wore a decent wig and foundation that actually matched her skin tone.

  3. I live in No. SA, I am white, middle class and have a Master’s degree. I LOVE SOCCER and I just can’t see it being a really bad thing to have a soccer team here in SA! Hell, if Harrah can built a monstrous phallic symbol in homage to himself, why not have some soccer?

  4. Tmare,

    According to Gus, working class/middle class (is there a difference anymore??) don’t live in North Santa Ana.

    —-OK that’s my bait, trying to get Arrellano into the debate; This fight needs all the help it can get. ON BOTH SIDES.

    If the majority of Santa Ana disagree, SCRAP THE PROJECT, but why should twenty two out of touch folks dictate to a half million people what is proper????

    Gustavo, this is SCREAMING elitism!

  5. I defy anyone to take a census up and down Towner, from seventeeth to River. Except for a congresswoman and a Realtor, EVERYBODY has workingclass/middleclass jobs. Maybe not at Taco Bell as is portrayed but Piano teachers, truck drivers, school custodians and even a few public employees.

    The fact is, North Santa Ana, while whiter than the rest of the city, is more diverse than say edinger and grand.

    GO GET EM.

  6. Mr. P, Looks like you and Kerr would make a cute couple. You are both propaganda ministers. Remember, you are my propaganda minister though! I have never seen that chick in my life. I bet you anything, she hangs out at Fascist Island more than anywhere in Santa Ana.

  7. Admin,
    Instead of throwing stones and trying to slime the folks who put this rally together, why don’t you try and persuade us with some facts?

    I couldn’t attend this informational meeting, but I’d like to know some details of this Chivas deal;

    *Is it slated to be built at Willowick and by whom? (Oh, and being a golfer doesn’t necessarily make one a racist, nor does living in Floral Park)

    *What will happen to Eddie West Field and why?

    * How is our mayor involved, and is he going to profit from this deal?

    *How will it benefit our city?

    The fact that you have gone out of your way to make crazy allegations and associations (KKK) just because someone is opposed to this deal makes me think that something stinks about it.

    If this is so good for Santa Ana, TELL US WHY.

    This post is a great example of YELLOW JOURNALISM, no substance, but lots of sensationalism and crap.

  8. I saw Klavern leaders Tom and Nancy Lush…I mean Lutz way of life includes stumbling around their Washington Square neighborhood at a “wine walk”. Great, a bunch of Anglos running around drunk.

    I thought it was illegal to be drinking in public. The SAPD should shut down these type of things.

    I could only imagine the outrage from ol’ Tom and Nancy if Latino’s were doing the same sort of thing. It would threaten their way of life.

  9. Most of your posts are long on name-calling and EXTREMELY SHORT ON DETAILS.

    Why does Chivas need Eddie West Field at all, so many of our high schools have no football stadium, why should our kids be forced to suffer for a professional sports team?

    How will we/Chivas acquire Willowick, what will Santa Ana taxpayers be asked to contribute (if anything)?

    Sports facilities are always asking the cities for concessions and guarantees, what is Chivas asking for?

    I am not against a professional soccer team coming to Santa Ana, but you act like we should just trust Pulido and our city council, no questions asked.
    Our Council/mayor have made numerous poor decisions and seem to always be skirting the edge on ethics, why shouldn’t all Santa Ana residents want to know a lot more DETAILS before approving this deal?

  10. Anonster,

    You like the SOS crowd are putting 1950’s beliefs in 2011.

    The fact is, while important SAHS football is NOWHERE near as important to families as Soccer is.

    As for Mater Dei, I thought that republicans were against government giveaways.

    Why would it be a bad thing for SA TAXPAYERS to contribute to this cause??????Because Tom Lutz doesn’t like soccer?

    You guys are living in the Rob Richardson era (He was a dork then too!)Give it up.

  11. Actually, Ken, what I am asking for is a lot more information, as a resident of SA I want to know and deserve, the details of this deal, only a DUMB ASS would blindly trust our city officials.

    Furthermore accusing folks of being like the KKK because they oppose this deal is very negative, divisive and destructive.

    If you’re in favor of this deal, then why aren’t you promoting it based on the facts rather than slandering the folks who don’t support it?
    This kind of behavior leads me to believe that something stinks about this deal .

    “The fact is, while important SAHS football is NOWHERE near as important to families as Soccer is.”

    Easy for you to say. It’s very important to the kids who practice all summer and it makes me sick to think that in one more way SA kids opportunities might be limited.

    1. anonster,

      Oh ye of little vision. I will be writing a post tonight that should serve to dispense with the lies being spread by the racist league of soccer haters.

    1. anonster,

      I could care less what you think to be honest. I know the people involved in this soccer-hating organization. They are amongst the leading racists in Santa Ana. Either you have not been around long or you agree with them, in which case you ought to go get fitted for your white hood.

  12. All I know is that I received this flyer on my porch, wondered what it was all about, saw that you had written a post on the subject and clicked on it to find more info.
    What I found was typical Art overreach, wild and irresponsible allegations that diminish you far more than your adversaries.
    I don’t know these people from Adam, but you have not provided ANY proof to back up your allegations of racism, just a lot of tangental nonsense.
    Your craziness has pushed me to defend, if not them at least the principle of dissent they represent.
    You are just an apologist for ANYTHING that the Mayor and council want to do, no dissent or discussion allowed, sad.

    1. You clearly lack a sense of humor. And the irony is that these people were allied with Pulido for twenty years. I didn’t start working with him until he dumped them, after an all Latino City Council was elected. These haters are mad because they now have no pull at City Hall. That is a good thing…

  13. Anonster,

    All over California, Orange County high school athletes are participating in “summer camp” an annual rite of the season. Santa Ana High school is NO EXCEPTION. Those boys are working thier asses off.

    But to equate the Chiva’s POTENTIAL MOVE as a threat is disingenuous…..at best.

    My point is this: If it’s a choice between Mater Dei Football OR Chiva’s 90% of the population will choose the later.

    Let’s talk FACTS: Ask Bishop Brown what he thinks? not some sixty year old man from Washington square!

  14. “…. to equate the Chiva’s POTENTIAL MOVE as a threat is disingenuous”

    How do you know?

    Why does Chivas need Eddie West Field, what are the details?

    Other Santa Ana Schools play at Eddie West, Godinez for one, and I’d rather see SA kids PLAYING football than WATCHING soccer.

    What’s wrong with finding out the facts?

    And who the hell is Bishop Brown?

  15. Anonster,

    How do I know?

    Because as I pointed out in last night’s post, the argument is bullsh*t.

    Bishop Brown, is the head of the Catholic Church in Orange County. He is in charge of the diocese, including Mater Dei, the school that the opponents claim would be negatively impacted.

    He is also the guy who just ponied up $50 MILLION CASH to buy the Crystal cathedral.I think they can find a stadium.

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