Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Ultra-liberal O.J. blogger Greg Diamond has publicly questioned the results of a poll recently conducted by Tom Daly’s campaign for the 69th Assembly District, in an Orange Juice blog post, and in comments he left over at the OC Political blog.  Diamond was irked by the poll as it revealed that Diamond’s pick in that race, union hack Julio Perez, is the least popular of the five candidates who are running.

But now we have gotten a hold of the Daly poll press release.  And guess what?  Daly used a reputable pollster, David Binder Research, who has worked for some of the most liberal Democrats in California and elsewhere, including:

  • President Barack Obama’s campaign
  • State Senator Debra Bowen
  • State Senator Gilbert Cedillo
  • State Senator Christine Kehoe
  • State Senator Carole Migden
  • Mayor Gavin Newsom, San Francisco, CA
  • and the California Democratic Party, as well as the California Assembly Democrats

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3 thoughts on “Out of district white liberals losing it over Daly’s 69th A.D. poll”
  1. You must know that the first question asked on the poll was, “are you a US citizen?” You gotta know that because your are not a hack and find out what the poll is all about.
    You must also know that the list Dalys group comes from registered voters…or US citizens. So why ask that question but to turn off latino voters that are either pro perez or martinez? I’m guessing you can figure out the rest.

  2. As I said many times before — Martinez’s biggest problem is that she surround herself with the losers.

    That will not yield a victory.

    I have advised her to go after Ron Paul young crowd.

    Your Mexicans will not give her any victory that is for sure.

    But keep dreaming!

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