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Santa Ana Council Candidates Forum

A Santa Ana City Council candidates forum was held this week and surprise barely anyone in the City of Santa Ana attended or even knew about it.  Check out who did show up, as pictured above.  Does that look like Santa Ana?

The reality is that unless we televise these forums they will have very little impact on the voters.  And the shame of it is that both the City of Santa Ana and the Santa Ana Unified School District have vast internal public relations operations that include their own TV channels on local Cable and AT&T U-Verse.

So why aren’t the City Council candidates forums televised and why aren’t there any SAUSD School Board candidates forums?  It all comes down to incumbent protection and that is just wrong.

If you want this to change then you are going to have to make some noise!

SAUSD School Board

If you want to contact the SAUSD School Board Members, good luck.  Most of them no longer list any email addresses or phone numbers on their website! Only Cecilia Iglesias and Rob Richardson make their contact info available to the public.  Fortunately I have some of their personal contact information available, as follows:

Here are the SAUSD administrators you need to contact as well:

  • Rick Miller, Ph.D.
    Phone: (714) 558-5512
    Fax: (714) 558-5610
  • Antonette Roberto
    Confidential Assistant
    to the Superintendent
    Phone: (714) 558-5512
  • Cynthia Gastelo
    Recording Secretary
    Board of Education
    Phone: (714) 558-5515
  • Rosie Rosales
    Executive Assistant
    Phone: (714) 558-5511
  • Travis Tamasese
    Sr. Executive Secretary
    Phone: (714) 558-5513

Santa Ana City Council, Marijuana

And here is the contact info for our City Council:

Hold these people accountable!  Either they care about the residents and voters of our city or they don’t.  Demand televised candidates forums!

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19 thoughts on “Our City Council and School Board candidates forums should be televised!”
  1. I don’t know what time this picture was taken, but I was there at 7 (when it started) and it was standing room only. Also, the crowd was much more “like Santa Ana” than this picture shows.

    1. Mile Dalati posted several pictures on his Facebook page and they all looked pretty similar. And even if there were 100 people there it would barely register on the radar compared to the 350,000 residents of Santa Ana

      1. 92455 number of voters in Santa Ana as of 9-08-14

        Maybe a third will vote in November. So the people in those pictures are voters.

        If you think there is a lack of Latino’s, that maybe because only US citizens are allowed to vote in the elections.

          1. Ha ha. The usual suspects in your picture always look like they are squeeezing their own farts until they turn pink and blue in the face.

        1. Robin, that is the “crux of the bisque” as Frank Zappa would say.

          In a city with a transitional population of 400,000+ people able/registered to vote, that figure heavily skewed towards older, whiter voters, the election is hardly representative of the populous. The city Council recently based it’s “VISION” for the city based on .00145% of the population. City employees responded to the survey 3:1 to residents.

          This “vision” was advertised no less than eleven times in the recent “debate”.Today, a so called community activist, Francisco Barragan, the Commander of the Mexican American Vetrans Council (despite having NEVER fought in a war except for at Denny’s on 17th) touted this plan.

          In other words, Mr. Cook. You are right. they are full of shit. There are a small number of people that pick the leadership of Santa Ana. VERY VERY few of them post on Facebook, live in Townsend or have ever heard of bike to work or PAYAN X.

  2. And Pulido is their favorite fart Editor! Because no matter what corrpution he is accused of “streetcars” and phony Artists Village Fabulousness! Wil always please them more than fixing pot holes on Raitt. Don’t you know it!

  3. Most of the really Santa Ana doesnt care about politics sonas long as they can collect WIC and other benefits…..And if they vote, they will vote for the Hispanic names without being informed. Why do you think Loretta Sanchez changed back her last name after being married???

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  5. Many people live in Santa Ana. SO, if those are who came to the meeting, it does look like Santa Ana. But, I agree, those event should and MUST be televised and advertised.

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