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Occupy Irvinebegins today, October 15, at 10 am, at Irvine’s City Hall, located at 1 Civic Center Plaza, in Irvine, at Harvard and Alton.  Initial speakers will include both UCI professors & disenfranchised citizens.  Protesters are being urged not to bring any aerosol spray paint or weapons.

According to the OC Weekly, Oct. 15 has been referred to as a Global Day of Revolution by groups around the country protesting the stranglehold corporations wield over the government.

Occupy Irvine won’t be limited to Irvine residents (most of whom are more interested in occupying BMWs and Audis).  A contingent of artists, poets and musicians from Santa Ana will be traveling to Irvine to participate in an Open Mic forum led by Santa Ana’s own Theo Hirsch.

They will be meeting at Irvin’e financial district, located atVon Karman, Main & MacArthur, with an open mic from 2pm to 7pm! Hirsch is asking for artistic provisions, paint, supplies and songs and poetry.

The Occupy Orange County movement now has its own website and its own Facebook page.  They also have a YouTube page and a Twitter feed.  Occupy Irvine has a Facebook page too, and an event page.

Protesters are being urged to bring tents, according to the video above.  Supposedly the Occupy Irvine folks have been able to acquire permits from the City of Irvine.

 Click here for detailed instructions on how to prepare to Occupy Irvine.  Click here to download the Occupy Irvine volunteer form.

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4 thoughts on “Occupy Irvine begins today, Oct. 15, at 10 am”
  1. Initial speakers will include both UCI professors & disenfranchised citizens.

    UC professors (PhD) earn 250,000 per school year to work part time. Good job

    disenfranchised citizens, What is this? Define your terms. I don’t think you mean voting rights.

  2. I am answering to your question here because Nelson at OJB is total liberal psychopath who is erasing my posts. See http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2011/10/will-irvines-occupiers-face-legal-consequences/comment-page-1/#comment-171969

    [Stan, do we need to teach the new blogger about “the spiral of life” and “the realm of magic”]…….. Hmmmm

    No, Guy Fawkes!

    The beauty of the spiral of life is that at any given (déjà vu) time the nature cleans itself from the undesirable elements.

    It always did and it always will.

    If this is right (déjà vu) time the liberals once again are dinging the grave for the 1% into which only the liberals will fall not the all 99% regardless of what the new blogger thinks or believes in.

    From that grave, there is no way out to the realm of magic from which intelligence reincarnate de novo.

    So relax GF get another hit from the peace pipe and pass it around or;

    Get popcorn and watch antagonists and protagonists performing in the occupation narrative.

    However, if we could convince your nation to succeed from the union we could create once again new world, on the higher level, a (déjà vu) time, on the spiral of life with an access to the realm of magic.

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