Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024
Lauren Johnson-Norris

IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 8, 2024 / Johnson Criminal Law Group, APLC, a top criminal defense law firm in Orange County, CA, announced today the formation of CPS Law Group, which will specialize in juvenile dependency and CPS defense law, including child abuse and neglect cases. CPS Law Group’s defense attorneys have extensive knowledge of CPS and juvenile dependency law and have a proven track record of successfully defending the rights of families.

Accusations of child abuse or neglect can have severe consequences, including the potential loss of custody. The skilled lawyers at CPS Law Group conduct independent investigations into allegations of child abuse or neglect, this includes the gathering of evidence, interviewing witnesses, and analyzing the facts of the case to challenge the validity of the accusations. The CPS defense lawyers at CPS Law Group examine medical records, school records, and any other relevant documentation to build a strong defense.

Attorney Lauren Johnson-Norris, who is featured on the front page of the February 2024 Orange County edition of Attorney Journals, brings her 18 years of experience defending clients in criminal and juvenile cases to lead CPS Law Group. Johnson-Norris is well-known for her defense of criminal, juvenile, and CPS cases, earning her a reputation as the “go to” parents’ lawyer in Orange County.

“If you’ve been contacted by Child Protective Services (CPS), you need a strong defense,” said CPS Law Group Senior Attorney Lauren Johnson-Norris. “Our dedicated team of legal experts specialize in CPS cases, ensuring the rights of families are protected. When it comes to a CPS investigation, having the most experienced lawyers by your side is critical. Our CPS defense attorneys have extensive knowledge of the law in these specialized cases and have a proven track record of successfully defending families.”

Johnson-Norris is a Certified Parent Educator (UCLA) and has been recognized as a “Super Lawyer Rising Star” and “Top Women Lawyer in Southern California” by Los Angeles Magazine. Johnson-Norris is also a Past-President of the South Orange County Bar Association.

In some cases, CPS Law Group can negotiate with Child Protective Services (CPS) and their attorneys to reach a favorable resolution. They can advocate for alternative solutions such as counseling, rehabilitation programs, or supervised visitation instead of complete removal of the child from the home. This can help minimize the disruption and trauma experienced by the child and the parent.

About CPS Law Group

CPS Law Group, based in Orange County, CA, is the leading defense practice specializing in Child Protective Services and juvenile dependency law in California. CPS Law Group, led by Senior Attorney Lauren Johnson-Norris, is dedicated to ensuring the protection of families amid Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations. From conducting comprehensive investigations and gathering evidence to advocating for alternative solutions and providing courtroom representation, Lauren Johnson-Norris and the CPS Law Group team is committed to protecting parents’ rights and securing the best possible outcomes for families.

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