Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

A new poll of voters in the 69th Assembly District might be the reason that Orange County Labor and the OC GOP machine are trying to squeeze Republican candidate Jose Moreno out of the 69th A.D. primary.

According to the survey memo, “Democrats Tom Daly and Michele Martinez and Republican Moreno lead the pack.  Martinez leads all candidates among Latinos and leads Julio Perez, by 16 points. She also leads all candidates in Santa Ana – home to 60% of likely voters. Martinez is also likely to benefit disproportionately from the fact that Democratic women are among the most undecided subgroups in the district initially.  And when voters were read profiles of the three major Democrats and a shorter profile of Republican Moreno, Martinez moved into the lead.”

The survey memo also stated that “While Daly’s initial lead is noteworthy, he shows little strength considering he is a countywide elected official and former Anaheim Mayor. Well more than half of voters (57%) district-wide are unfamiliar with Daly, as are nearly half (46%) of voters in his hometown. In fact, his vote in Anaheim is 39%, which is nearly identical to his favorability rating in the city (44%), indicating that he may already have fully capitalized on the easy vote in his geographical base.”

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4 thoughts on “New 69th A.D. poll shows Martinez, Daly and Moreno on top”
    1. I believe that this poll was paid for by the Martínez campaign. The last poll was paid for by Daly.

      I believe the findings are accurate. The Daly poll differed only in that Moreno wasn’t in in it as he had not yet entered the race.

      In both polls Pérez was at a meager 5%, which is as expected.

  1. “In both polls Pérez was at a meager 5%, which is as expected.”

    Expected by whom?

    Greg Diamond boldly predicts that Julio will finish in the top two and face off against Daly in November.

    As you and I both know, Greg has his finger on the pulse of our community and couldn’t possibly get this wrong.

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