Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

The youth soccer organization Monarcas Santa Ana is signing with the professional Mexican soccer club, Monarcas Morelia, as their official Training Center in Southern California!  Their project CeFoMM Santa Ana [Centro de Formación Monarcas Morelia de Santa Ana] is quite an achievement for Santa Ana, as soccer is cherished as an integral part of our community.

Their goal is to develop the local youth soccer talent to the professional ranks. This partnership is highly relevant as many of the Santa Ana local residents and/or their families [even City Council members] hail from the state of Michoacán, México of which Morelia is the state capital.

They will be having an Inauguration Ceremony on Wednesday 6:30 pm, on April 11, at the Santa Ana Stadium. The Monarcas Club has sent as their official representative Mr. Osvaldo Castro, Monarcas Administrative Coordinator of Fuerzas Básicas [U-20 Academies], for this signing and other fútbol activities.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Club’s President, Mr. Guillermo Camino, at 714-728-9117.

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3 thoughts on “The Monarcos Santa Ana soccer club to host a pro Mexican team on April 11”
  1. This is very exciting news Art. Will they be playing games at the Chivas stadium in Willowick park? I’ve also heard the suggestion that they 86 the Little League fields at Riverview park (who plays baseball anymore anyway right?)and build a couple nice soccer fields. Most of the kids that live walking distance from that park play Soccer and NOT baseball. In a few years we can get rid of that shabby Riverview Gold course and expand even more fields. I understand that would be more of a 5 year plan and not right away but you have to dream right? Can you believe we (Santa Ana) almost had the Tiger Woods Gold School in Santa Ana? Tiger was willing to spend millions but a couple of families nearby stopped it. So sad.

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