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Our friends over at the Bolsavik blog have an interesting post on the candidacy of Ward 6 wannabe Nam Pham that expands on the Gustavo Arrellano’s story about Pham helping a group of “white residents” prevent an “all-Mexican” city council. Pham himself chose to comment on the post and it appears that race baiting isn’t the only reason he decided to run for the Santa Ana City Council seat.

You may or may not remember the “Welcome to Little Saigon” monument that was built in the traffic median near the corner of First Street and Euclid Avenue in the western edge of Santa Ana. The erection of the monument in 2002 caused a great deal of controversy amongst many in the city and was seen as our local elected’s such as then-councilmembers Jose Solorio and Brett Franklin pandering for support amongst the Vietnamese community.

In March of 2008, as I reported while writing for the Liberal OC, the sign was destroyed (see photo above) by a hit-and-run driver and never replaced. Most of the Santa Ana residents who I have spoken to that live in that area of town do not want the sign replaced and have expressed those sentiments to city hall. Apparently Nam Pham does not agree and he is running so that he can see to it that it is rebuilt.

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2 thoughts on “Nam Pham running to rebuild Little Saigon monument?”
  1. Mr. Hill and Pedroza I’m still waiting for your answer to my question! Mention with evidence(proved) what Sal Tinajero had done for his ward and in general for the City of Santa Ana?. I believe because your silent the answer is obvious: NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!. Embrace Dirversity Vote Pham for ward 6Th.!!!!!!!!!

    1. Rosary,

      Tinajero has done a lot for our city but much of what he and the Council do isn’t obvious to the layperson.

      Voting for Pham isn’t embracing diversity, it is embracing a guy who has no clue. Trust me, I have seen him at two candidates forums. He simply has no ideas and no understanding of local government.

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