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Santa Ana Police Department Deputy Chief Douglas McGeachy
Santa Ana Police Department Deputy Chief Douglas McGeachy

Investigations of Santa Ana Deputy Police Chief Doug McGeachy and code enforcement head Alvaro Nunez recently began after other employees alleged that they were dating subordinates in the police and code enforcement departments, according to the Voice of OC.

This alleged behavior should not come as a surprise given that Santa Ana’s overpaid City Manager, David Cavazos, has been dating an employee in his Planning Department (we know who she is but won’t publish her name as that might invite litigation).

Carlos Bustamante dragged off in handcuffs
Carlos Bustamante dragged off in handcuffs

It is obvious that none of these people learned their lesson after former Santa Ana City Councilman Carlos Bustamante was arrested and charged with multiple felonies over allegations that he had sex with several of his subordinates at the County of Orange.

All of this is really very basic.  City executives and elected officials should not be having sex with their subordinates, period.  Unfortunately Cavazos has set a very bad example for his underlings and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Why is this behavior so ill advised?  It comes down to this – how do we know that the subordinates have not been coerced into having sex with their superiors?  Are the pervy executives engaging in favoritism?  This behavior can constitute sexual harassment in the workplace.  Can these city executives be so pompous or stupid that they don’t know this?

Maybe the City of Santa Ana needs to put anaphrodisiacs in the drinking water at City Hall?

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

9 thoughts on “More Santa Ana city executives suspected of having sex with their subordinates”
  1. If holding police employees accountable is Rojas’ priority, why isn’t his deputy chief on admin leave? Everyone else is, that is under investigation.

    1. And why no one cared about Cmdr Franks all those years? She dated several subordinate officers throughout the years and everyone looked the other way just because she was a lesbian….and they kept promoting her and giving her great assignments….SO?

  2. Seemed to work out fine for Tammy Franks and Sandy Gatt, but then again Franks used the lesbian discrimination card after she made her rounds through the department and was called out for something similar. Who knows.

    1. Well said!!!!! Double standard….and she dated many, many subordinate officers throughout her career….But everyone looked the other way…..

  3. I read the Voice Of OC story and noted TWO comments mentioning David Benavides relationship with a city appointee, naturally the comments disappeared quickly.

    But just what can the public expect when the likes of Bustamante and Benavides as elected representatives?

  4. Chief Rojas and the administration he appointed unfortunately could care less about the community or the departmental staff, let alone setting an example for the entire department.

    They’re all quick to preach “lead by example,” but what type of example do they want us to follow; Immorality? unethical behavior? loyalty or lack of?

    The quality of police work officers provide is irreverent. The administration wants and promotes scheming rats only out for their personal gain and not the advancement or improvement of the department.

    They prefer dissension between officers, meanwhile they use that to their advantage. They smile and shake your hand, acting innocent and judge everyone else not like them.

    Meanwhile the city council praises Rojas during the last city council meeting, clueless!

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