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Santa Ana Redbox Robbers

Santa Ana Police Department

Advisory: Santa Ana Police Seek Public’s Assistance in Identifying Robbery & Carjacking Suspects

On 10/24/15, Victims 1 and 2 were standing near the “Redbox” machine in the 7-11 parking lot at 2745 W. McFadden. Three suspects exited the suspect vehicle and robbed the victims of their property, including victim 1’s car keys. All three suspects fled in the suspect vehicle with the victims’ property.

Minutes later, suspect 1 returned with the car keys, entered the victim’s black 1998 Acura Integra (which was parked in the 7-11 parking lot) and drove away in the vehicle. The victim’s vehicle was located later in the area of 3200 W. 5th Street. No weapons seen; only simulated.

  • Suspect 1: Male Hispanic, 18-22 years, 507-509 tall, 180-210 lbs., Brown Eyes /Black Hair, Gray T-shirt, Black & White Yankees baseball hat and baby blue bandana.
  • Suspect 2: Male Hispanic, 18-20 years, 506-508 tall, 150-170 lbs., Brown Eyes /Black Hair, Black jacket, White and Black LA Kings hat.
  • Suspect 3: Male Hispanic, 18-20 years, 506-507 tall, 140-160 lbs., Brown Eyes /Black Hair, White T-shirt, gray pants, Blue LA Dodgers hat.
  • Vehicle: 1998 – 2004 Red Chevy Blazer.
  • Location: 2745 W. McFadden (7-11 Parking lot)

Santa Ana Redbox Robbers 3

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to contact Santa Ana Police Detective A. Garcia at (714)245-8408 or or you may contact Orange County Crime Stoppers 1-855-TIP-OCCS.


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