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Starbucks at 3345 South Bristol in Santa Ana
Starbucks at 3345 South Bristol in Santa Ana

A man his early 50s died this afternoon just before 1 p.m. after being struck in the head with a skateboard by a a man in his 20s just outside a Starbucks at 3345 South Bristol Street, just north of MacArthur Blvd., in Santa Ana on Tuesday, according to the O.C. Register.

The older man was allegedly “bugging people” in the shopping complex when he went into the Starbucks and began to harass the younger man, according to a witness identified only as “Geovanni.”

The two men argued and at some point the situation became physical and the younger man ended up hitting the older man in the head with his skateboard, outside of the coffee shop.

Witnesses said that the younger man was defending himself.

“He just came abruptly into the store, looked at the kid, and said, ‘Did I stutter?'” witness Jocelyn Martinez told KTLA. “He took at step forward towards the kid as if he were going to attack him, and that’s when the kid hit him with the skateboard.”

The older man went into cardiac arrest after being hit by the skateboard and was rushed to Orange County Global Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead on arrival, according to the O.C. Weekly.

This incident happened in Santa Ana’s Ward 4, which is represented by Councilman David Benavides.

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4 thoughts on “Man defends himself with a skateboard and kills an attacker at a Santa Ana Starbucks”
  1. Crazy Greg Diamond doesn’t know whether to P!$$ or C#M after this one: Defend the crazy homeless guy or the young Latino. Luckily for “Crazy Greg” he doesn’t have to deal with this stuff outside the blogesphere!

  2. Id like to see that this younger man in his 20s be arrested an charged for killing that older man, he hand no right to hit him with a skateboard! Goes to show what a coward that young man is, not once did I read that the older man placed his hands on anyone!!!

    1. This is the real world. You can’t charge someone for murder when everyone who commented on the situation is siding with the younger man. And it appears he was about to be attacked. What case can you present against him in court that will convince 12 people to sentence someone to life in a cage. Put someone in prison for life when all the evidence and statements are proving otherwise?

  3. Lets see… Older bigger guy confronts younger smaller guy who is minding his own business. It’s a tragedy and failure of our mental health system, but total self defense. I feel sorry the young man has to live with it.

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