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Santa Ana River Bike Path

State Senator Lou Correa, who is terming out this November, apparently showed up at the Santa Ana City Council meeting last night.  And what he had to say was chilling.

Correa said that his wife, Esther, was recently mugged while walking along the Santa Ana River Trail.  This is a Class 1 bicycle path that parallels the Santa Ana River channel.  This section of trail is operated and maintained by OC Parks.

Santa Ana River Trail by Lou Correa's House

The Correa family lives in north Santa Ana, north of Memory Lane, in a gated community, close to the Santa Ana River Trail Floral Park, in North Santa Ana.

Politicians have been the subjects of criminal acts in Santa Ana for some time.  I reported in the Orange Juice blog back in April of 2008 that at the time most of the City Council had been robbed or mugged.  I was actually on the phone with Councilwoman Michele Martinez while she was walking to a meeting in Downtown Santa Ana when a kid on a bike took her purse, which had her wallet and her official SAPD badge.  The cops never found him.

My wife and 11-year old son recently participated in a Boy Scout bike ride on this path that took them all the way to Huntington Beach.

If you are going to use this path just know that while you are in Santa Ana you need to be extra careful about your surroundings.  In this city people will mug you for your smart phone!  That happens a lot.  Don’t try to fight back as that could result in getting shot or stabbed.  Even better – stay away from any questionable characters while you are on the path and don’t venture out there once the sun goes down.

Here are additional safety tips courtesy of the Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway website:

  • Safety concerns vary along the trail. Common sense, especially in parking and staging areas, will greatly reduce safety concerns.
  • Trail users may encounter wildlife, including rattlesnakes, wild pigs, coyotes, and mountain lions. Avoidance is the best practice.
  • For emergency assistance, call “911”. Always know your location especially relative to the nearest access point. This will greatly assist the operator.
  • Bicyclists and horseback riders should wear helmets when riding.

Trail rules and Prohibitions:

  • Discharge of firearms and hunting is prohibited along the trail.
  • Motor vehicles are prohibited.
  • Possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • No overnight camping is allowed along the Trail, although it may be allowed in some adjoining park areas.
  • Fireworks, grills and campfires are prohibited.
  • Geocaches are allowed where they do not affect natural, cultural and historical resources, visitor safety or other park users.
  • Dogs should be leashed at all times.
  • Follow posted speed limits. Speed limits may vary.

The contact at OC Parks for questions about the Santa Ana River Trail is Santa Ana resident Jeff Dickman, at

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