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The last round of redistricting deliberations has split Little Saigon into two Congressional districts – and then splits the Viet vote even further by putting Fountain Valley into a third district.

This is good news for the incumbent in the 47th Congressional District, Loretta Sanchez, who now will barely have much of Little Saigon in her district.

Most of Little Saigon is now going to be dumped into a district dominated by Long Beach which means that district would likely elect a Democrat.

The 47th will now be a tussle between politicians in Anaheim and those in Santa Ana – but Sanchez is likely to remain firmly entrenched as the OC GOP just can’t seem to dislodge her.

The redistricted map is terrible news for last year’s Republican nominee, Van Tran, who has no reason now to take on Sanchez again.  His prospects in the new Long Beach dominated district are bad as well.  He appears to be finished.

O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen could still take on Sanchez, but she is now better off running for reelection.

I would expect that Tran and his allies will sue to overturn the redistricting.

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8 thoughts on “Little Saigon gets redistricted into two congressional districts”
  1. Wow, even tho there are more Latino’s than Viet’s, the Viet’s get 2 representatives and the Latino’s get one. Talk about being sent to the back of the bus.

    The Veit’s are the big winner in this redistricting

    1. cook,

      Not really. The Viet leaders are actually up in arms because they realize that being split up means they won’t be able to win in either district. They have effectively been neutered.

  2. I beg to differ my friend, I see the people, the voters getting themselves a democrat elected representative of a republic. A break free of the current “Boss Tweed” system of protected lords and Barons.

    Whereas some places and cities will have 2 or 3 or more representatives to carry their message to Sacramento and Washington DC, we in Santa Ana are shoved into a single representative box.

    Clout comes from the number of representative you have in the government body.

    Santa Ana / Anaheim has been tricked into a “save the Queen” mode and this area is going to be a big loser for the coming decade.

    Coupled with the fact that Santa Ana has dropped out of the top ten cities, it don’t look good for Santa Ana, and even Orange County as a whole. (The county lost a few representatives)

    1. Cook,

      Doesn’t work that way amigo. Cities that dominate a particular district have more pull because they have more voters.

      Just watch the Viet community sue over being split up. They will, guaranteed.

      As long as Pulido is our Mayor we will have plenty of pull in Sacramento and D.C.

  3. Having minority representation in two or three districts is a lot weaker than having majority representation in one. Not only are you unable (or unlikely) to elect “one of your own,” the person who does represent you doesn’t have to take your concerns quite as seriously as they otherwise would.

  4. Are you implying that the voted representative, of a district, is there to represent only the majority creed?

    The congresswoman in the 47th ignores the Viets, blacks and whites, in flavor of Latino’s only?

    The state Senator from the 34th forsake Asians, whites and blacks while dealing with the important questions of the day that affect his district?

    And what about that hard working assemblyman from the 69th district, just because he was born in the nation of Mexico he doesn’t really represent people born in the USA?

    I’ve seen these 3 elected officials in action and they DO NOT carry the exclusionist torch that you two apparently bow down to on a daily basis.

    But Prop 14 will solve those problems soon, as the rich white republicans will be able to come into any district and buy the election. Party politics will die a quick death now with the dollar buy all primaries.

  5. I think you’re right about the Viets working up a few law suits…am looking forward to the fight. They got screwed, likely due to the despicable, well-monied collection of liars and thugs from LULAC and MALDEF.

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