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ason Hallstrom's Memorial

Jason Hallstrom’s memorial service is scheduled for Friday, June 14th @2:00 PM at Fairhaven Memorial Park chapel.  You can leave an online remembrance here.

On March 15, Jason E. “Hoss” Hallstrom and Travis Mock, 29, were being chased by SAPD SWAT officers on I-5 when they got off at Grand Avenue and headed north, Santa Ana authorities said.  The officers in question ended up shooting Hallstrom to death, and wounding Mock.

The OCDA has not yet released their findings as to why the SAPD officers shot and killed Hallstrom.

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10 thoughts on “Jason Hallstrom’s Memorial Service set for 6/14 at Fairhaven Memorial”
  1. Thank you for reminding us Admin. And remind us again when the date becomes a little closer. Police Dept. making up stories and Fing over the Santa Ana public and Orange County Public. Fire the D.A.!

  2. Santa Ana – Anaheim need to represent! and stop putting up with the corrupt police industry. NO more Donut intertubes for the sick-o murdering police.

  3. God Bless the folks of Anaheim for pelting the cop cars with the eggs! Get that murdering cop out of the neighborhood.

  4. 180 days in jail for a felony, 12-13-1994
    16 months in prison for 3 felonies, 4-19-96
    16 months in prison for 2 felonies, 12-19-2000
    2 years in prison for 3 felonies, 01-15-2003
    2 years in prison for 2 felonies, 01-15-2003
    Charged with a felony, dismissed. Co-defendant Travis Mock, 03-15-2013

    Mateo, Are these guys friends of yours?

    1. I wBu Hallstrom was unarmed and was shot in the back. Friends said he had cleaned up his act. I don’t know much about Mock but regardless of his record the question is whether he was committing a crime at the time. He is still alive, as he tripped and fell while the police shot at him. So perhaps we’ll find out what happened eventually.

    1. Well if the two cases in 2003 were not consolidated into one sentencing, he would have faced the 3 strikes law.

      His felonies listed are property and drug, stealing cars, breaking into houses, meth.

      It is too bad, looking at the timeline 2003 /2013 that there is nothing listed for 10 years, He should not have hooked up with Mock.

  5. Sounds like you caught on to something Cook. Maybe the police were more concerned about him hooking up with Mock than him being any particular menace to society. Like the rumors go, it was Mock that had some kind of federal deposition the next day. But what do I know? I only read this stuff and do my best to connect dots. Why was the SWAT team after them for stealing a car? Excuse me, an “undercover team of SWAT agents”? Sounds premeditated for some kind of outcome doesn’t it? They either viewed them as highly dangerous, too dangerous for regular police squad or viewed themselves as too dangerous for regular police squad. Sounds premeditated on somebody’s part.

  6. Gentlemen,

    Let’s take a break from Hallstrom’s tragic death (deserved or not) and honor the KING of SWAT, Steve “Hondo” Harrelson AKA Steve Forrest, who died this week.

    Hondo, was ripped from the airwaves in the late seventies, because of overwhelming violence. Maybe this is how the Santa Ana police learned these tactic’s! Oh Wait most of these guys weren’t even born yet.

    The Moral of the story is simple:

    If you are unlucky enough to live under the supposed veil of freedom in an Irvine gated community, stay away from Meth.

    Nasty shit that Methamphetamine hits every walk of life, even County healthcare workers, who hook up for anonymous sex end up with nasty bugs. STAY AWAY! This drug is prevalent in EVERY aspect of our society.


    1. Carpetbagger;

      I am always impressed with comments posted by persons like yourself. The inability to focus on the subject and guilt by association tends to be the political mindset of governing officials whom lack the ability to find any solutions and carry them out. To allow any members of law enforcement to act without accountability is far more dangerous than the criminals. You are using the death of Mr. Hallstrom, your lack of knowledge of the facts, to bring attention to something that was not a circumstance associated with his death. The time you view the death of a person with an attitude of “shit happens” especially at the fault of a law enforcement agency, you have released them of accountability and condoned their actions. Incredibly, your comment shows the type of individuals that are in support of agencies such as SAPD…enough said.

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