Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Yesterday, May 28, 2024, as police officers monitored school graduation traffic, they observed several E-motorcycles doing wheelies and speeding along Westminster Ave., according to the Garden Grove Police Department.

The juvenile riders were eventually detained, arrested/cited and the bikes impounded. During the investigation, one of the bikes was also discovered to be stolen.

With school being out and great summer weather here, you may have an E-bike or plan on buying one. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • May require a drivers license
  • May require insurance
  • May require a helmet be worn
  • May require front and rear lighting, after darkness

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One thought on “Hooligan e-motorcycle riders arrested and cited in Garden Grove”
  1. E-bikes need to be reigned in and restricted to licensed drivers for use on roads not sidewalks, with traffic enforcement strictly applied. It’s dangerous to have children who have no knowledge of the rules of the road and very undeveloped judgment skills riding around on these. But I see it every day– popping wheelies, riding high speed on the sidewalk, riding against traffic, not yielding to stop signs and traffic signals. But they’re “green transportation” (even though it’s actually a less green version of a regular bike) so that’s more important to CA than safety!

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