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“Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyerwife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, was “violently assaulted” by an ex-boyfriend she met up with at a Newark motel after the Lockyers fought, her husband says ” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

You might recall that Nadia Lockyer used to be a player in the Democratic Party of Orange County, back when her name was Nadia Maria Davis.  According to a bio, she “was a member of Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez’s legal team and protected the voting rights of new citizens against unfounded accusations. She ran Honorable Lou Correa’s fundraising in his first bid for State Assembly.”  Correa lost that race.

She also was elected to the Santa Ana Unified School District’s Board of Education, in 1998.  I ran against her in fact.  She won that race but then lost the seat in 2002.  She had an awful car accident before that last election.  Reportedly the driver in that accident was former Assemblyman Marco Firebaugh, who later died of liver disease.  Her bio states that she broke 22 bones and punctured her lung in that accident.  A columnist at the East Bay Citizen reported during her supervisorial campaign in 2010 that some of her friends say she was never the same after that accident.

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23 thoughts on “Former O.C. Democrat player, Nadia Lockyer, gets beat up by an ex-boyfriend”
  1. What are the Lockyer’s hiding? An ex-boyfriend beats
    her up and disappears? Oh Puhleeeese! What is the real story?

    An Alameda County Supervisor gets assaulted by her ex-boyfriend and there is no APB out on him? Why does Lockyer say it’s his fault for saying unkind things to her and that’s why she went to the motel to see the ex?

    I didn’t realize old geezers could still pack a punch!!

  2. Didn’t Supervisor Davis date a Santa Ana city council candidate named Jose Fernandez? Wasn’t Fernadez dating Nadia when she became pregnant with Bill’s nino? What about Arthur Carmona? This is starting to sound more and more like a T.V. show!

  3. I heard she was dating Lockyer, Fernandez and prominent L.A. Attorney named Leal all at the same time. There might be others.

    Is it possible this novela needs a D.N.A. test done on the baby and all them men Nadia was dating?

    Do I hear Maury Povich telling Bill Lockyer, “YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER”?

  4. I wonder if Comast will do an updated “Newsmaker” to talk about this motel situation. I also wonder why her “maternal instincts” didn’t tell her to stay away from a shady motel late at night?

  5. Hey Santa Ana Proud, if viejito Lockyer can give Nadia the beat down at 70, he can probably get down to Outkast.

    But maybe its Jose Fernandez who’ll be doing the dancing if he’s not the father!

  6. I agree with Mr. Admin. Jose is a stand up guy and would never hurt her. She would have been a lot smarter to have married Jose and settled into a law practice her in the O.C. and gone from School Board to City Council to Mayor to higher office.
    BUT..she wanted a rocket ride to political fame and now it’s coming back to bite her on the backside!
    We could have used her leadership but now she has thrown it all down the drain.

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