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Food 4 Less  — a discount market owned by Kroger –  is closing March 15, according to employees at the Santa Ana store, which is located at 17th and Grand Ave., according to the O.C. Register.

I visited that store tonight, and several employees verified that they will be closing on March 15.  I asked them if they will be having a clearance sale.  Apparently they will blow out the meat, but everything else will be transferred to other stores.

Food 4 Less is owned by Kroger, which also owns Ralphs.  They closed a Ralphs that used to be on 17th and Bristol, awhile ago.  Now they will also be closing a Ralphs in Anaheim, at 2809 E. Lincoln, on March 10.

I don’t know the reasons for these closures, but I do know that the Food 4 Less on Grand and 17th faces a lot of competition from Big Saver, Northgate, and Superior.  My wife hates shopping at Food 4 Less as it is hard to find what you are looking for.

What will go into that center in place of Food 4 Less?

A Wal Mart Super Center would be awesome, as residents could save up to 20% on store merchandise and groceries, but the Santa Ana City Council effectively banned big box superstores in 2007.  “Under the new regulations, big-box retailers must apply for a conditional-use permit and identify the benefits and costs to existing stores within a three-mile area,” according to the L.A. Times.

Too bad.  A Wal Mart Super Center would bring a lot of jobs to Santa Ana.  Click here to contact the Santa Ana City Council.  Now is the time to ask them to reconsider this silly ban.

The ban exists to protect union supermarket jobs, but those are disappearing quickly.  Besides, we should not be encouraging folks to make careers out of bagging groceries.  These jobs should be for young people and the semi-retired.

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22 thoughts on “Food for less, on Grand and 17th, in Santa Ana, to close on March 15”
  1. I shop at both Food 4 Less stores, the one on Grand and the one on First St.

    The Grand has lower prices than the one on First St, even tho they are the same company.

  2. On August 21, 1892, Francisco Torres, Latino, Santa Ana, Orange County was last person lynched which brought 120 years bad spell on the city of Santa Ana by his Indian tribe.

    It is clearly apparent that Santa Ana has more difficulties among OC cities than any other city.

    The of April 10, 2009 lynching of Susie Young Kim in that shopping center renewed this city’s bad spell which was about to expire on August 22, 2012.

    Justice was not done!

  3. We don’t need a Wal Mart in Santa Ana. The city council was smart to ban big box superstores. Small businesses are a big part of Santa Ana and many would go out of business with a Wal Mart in the vicinity. You are out of touch. It used to be that working in a market would give wages sufficient to make a good living. Young people and semi-retired deserve good wages.

  4. Food For Less Meat is a lower quality than Krogers-More fatty, etc.-Since they are owned by Kroger we should have the same quality as the Kroger products. That’s why the products are less because the quality is not there.

  5. I’m glad Santa Ana has banned Walmarts from popping up in the city! It’s not a silly ban, considering the effects a Walmart may have on the neighborhood they serve… shop closures, empty stores, etc. Santa Ana doesn’t need anymore blighted areas!

  6. I shop at this store. I’m a little sad that it’s gone. The parking lot is so empty. However, I’m glad there’s a ban on big-box retailers like Walmart. There’s no need for another Walmart in town, in fact the neighboring Target is sufficient.

    It’d be cool if they turned it into a mutliethnic grocery store or something. I personally would like to see an Asian supermarket, but I doubt that would happen. Hmmm, something useful for the community at least.

    1. I miss it too. It was convenient. At least Target has some groceries now.

      A Vietnamese supermarket would be very cool indeed!

  7. The last thing I would like to see on that lot is a Walmart.
    The writer of this article has a really nearsighted perspective.

  8. The Ralph’s in Lincoln and rio vista in Anaheim gave alot of disappointments with their employees small buisiness and gone bad fruits and vegetables and ridiculously long lines the parking lot is a disasters I mean prostitutes / gangsters and horrible drivers sometimes police officers come and visit this location because Ralph’s isn’t well protected so stay away from this Ralph’s

  9. The Santa Ana city council said on the internet is that Walmart was not going to fill this location because the city council banned superstores from appearing Walmart said that this location sucks because the space is too small cannot buy avaliable spaces and not allowed to demolish it this goes out to the Walmart believers your wish did not come true

  10. Ya right I heard its going to be a medical marijuana super depot….it’s the only growing and money making business in Santa Ana ..

  11. This place might be converted into a Mexican supermarket like a northgate or a el super

  12. What I want to see in this lot is the food4less store back because it was the onliest store in o.c the five things about this place is 1# the prices are really cheap than other F4L stores #2 the store is big has everything exempt a butcher it even has a check cashing place when you enter the store . #3 lines are ridiculously long during the weekends.#4 the employees are nice and helpful #5 the parking lot is huge you don’t even have to wait til the the car leaves and kill time

  13. When The food4less on grand and seventeenth closed down some other store began to close
    Like the electronic warehouse store closed down march- 15 -2011 the date when food4less closed its doors the second #store that closed down was mrs a Plus size it closed down in April or may of 2012 when those stores closed down dollar tree was the only one standing

  14. I am guessing that Walmart companies are closing down giant food4less warehouses and two other stores for a Walmart also Santa Ana council banned a Walmart from popping up in this location what I really really want back is the food4less store because it was the only store near o.c so please santa Ana council reopen food4less

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