Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Paul Walters Fired

UPDATED: Reportedly Paul Walters is going to negotiate an exit from Santa Ana’s City Hall and won’t be returning to the SAPD.  I am told that he cares too much about the rich history of the SAPD and is afraid that if he returns to there the Council will undermine him and hurt the department.   Best of luck to Walters, who deserved better than this, after 42 years of service to the people of Santa Ana.

“The Santa Ana City Council was scheduled to meet Thursday afternoon to discuss the terms of its separation from City Manager Paul Walters, which could include a request for a public hearing on behalf of the fired administrator,” according to the L.A. Times.

I have it on good authority that, according to an anon source at City Hall, Walters will not in fact request a public hearing.  He does not want to see his family dragged through the mud by the insane City Council members.

He is also said to have scoffed at the suggestion that the Council will be able to dig up any dirt on Walters – a highly respected public administrator.

Walters’ contract stipulated that he must be allowed to return to the SAPD as Police Chief if he is let go as City Manager.  His lawyer, Wendell Phillips, told the L.A. Times that Walters may also end up negotiating an exit settlement.

I would not blame Walters if he decided to leave.  The Council will stick the taxpayers with the resulting bill.

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41 thoughts on “Updated: Walters will accept a negotiated exit”
  1. Nothing to report out of the special meeting. I thought it was going to be a short meeting in closed session, but it went a little long. I think a wrinkle developed.

    fox11 news was there to film, but i dont think they got anything newsworthy.

    One council member told me as they left that there was nothing to report out so the meeting was over.

    I find it strange that the city clerk was not in the meeting, another wrinkle?

    1. Thanks Cook! My sources tell me that the meeting was a waste of time. The Council brought in their liberal friends from Sacred to demean Walters. Digusting!

      1. I am quite curious about the hows & whys of SACReD’s views about Paul Walters. Perhaps a journalist will cover a credible piece on what is actually going on here- unbiased and straightforward. Inquiring minds would certainly like to know!

        1. SACReD was started by Al Amezcua. He used to be an adviser to gangs in Santa Ana, according to many LA Times articles. Today he defends gang members in court as a criminal defense attorney.

          This organization is filled with crazed leftists who do not believe in property rights. And they agree with many of the inane comments made by Carolina Sarmiento – blaming the local government for obesity and poverty. Simply ridiculous!

  2. Too bad the Gang of 6 will not be forced defend their actions. Art, have you heard that the City Clerk and the City Attorney may quit in protest?

    1. I heard that about the City Attorney. Good move on her part.

      It would be a real shame to lose Maria Huizar, our City Clerk. She is very good at her job. But I cannot blame her. I would not want to work for this Council either.

  3. The first day you have posted that Walters is interim manager, I have objected! You have tried to calm me down by saying: “Fiala, it is just temporary” and I have responded “Sure”.

    In my mine his departure is proper no mater what. I am glad that the council took this step even though I am not fan of your beloved Tinajero and am sick and tired to see Walters shaking hand with Obama at $75K cost and Mill for ass kiss in NSA.

    Now we have to remove Pulido!

    1. This Council is lost. Pulido is our last hope. If we cannot take back a few seats in two years I hope he moves on to the Board of Supervisors. He would do a great job there.

      1. Pulido has done noting for Santa Ana in his 25 tenure. Most was done by artists ad Pulido was always in the way of any progress.

        Even my proposed beer garden in Santa Ana zoo.

        But Fiala Zoo is family oriented and the alcohol is anti family.

        Maybe you should take one day your family to Bush Gardens. It is well establish family oriented entertainment inside the Anheuser-Busch beer brewery.

        The Mexicans are not entrepreneurs and Santa Ana will go BK because of Pulido.

  4. You are going to start seeing City staff members jumping ship as they realize the city is going BK and people may be going to jail like in the City of Bell.
    No one will want the Santa Ana name on their resume.

  5. Connie,
    The Communist sentiments that run through much of SACRED but not all of SACRED are due mostly to the Fascist-Totalitarian behavior of the Pulido-Walters Secret Society. (OMG, I sound like a Fiala ditto)
    If the Pulido Walters Secret White Mans Society did not act so Elite and above it all then maybe SACRED would have far less of a public footing.
    People don’t like Communists, and they don’t like Fascists. YING and YANG folks.
    This is simple Angie.
    I am going to walk you through this whole process and then you and me and Alvarez can all go out to Brunch again.

    1. replacing an elitist white man society with and elitist brown man society doesn’t really seem like an improvement, does it?

  6. “People don’t like Communists, and they don’t like Fascists”………. Hmmmmmmm

    FYI, Teo Communism and Fascism are not synonymous terms. While the communism is ideology aka OCCUPY the Fascism is a system of government.

    Therefore, you can have fascism virtually under any ideology except for the Americanism.

    Remember that while in your sleeping bag.

    However, people may not like neither Communists nor Fascists but they like to be taken care of which communism and fascism provides, and are willing to exchange their freedom for anything accept the the freedom.

    That is very dangerous human property.

  7. “Americanism” is becoming outwardly shaped as Corporate Socialized Fascism, while being controlled by the Wealthiest Power Elites.
    Except within the confines of New Santa Ana, one of the last outposts and bastions of true liberal freedom
    (With reasonable amounts of editorial censorship and a whole lot of private,city and state sponsored propaganda that is).
    This is all to be expected.
    There is no such thing as functional Anarchy, or a propaganda-free political establishment.

    As for S.A. Occupy, it was only “Communistic” within the confines of a physical commune or compound, not in its basic organizational format or practice. We do not organize by or for unanimous consensus or dictatorial type authority. It is more Socialistic in design, and embraces individual ambitions, agendas and thought while avoiding the corrupting influences of monetary capitalism.
    The compound is dead. It was not very functional. WE moved on.

  8. “‘Americanism” is becoming outwardly shaped as Corporate Socialized Fascism, while being controlled by the Wealthiest Power Elites”……… Hmmmmmmm

    You are not getting it Teo!

    The “Americanism” = ideology!
    The “Occupy” = ideology!
    The “Communism” = ideology!
    The “National Socialism” (“NAZism”)= ideology!
    The “Socialism” = social system!
    The “Capitalism” = economic system!
    The “Fascism” = governing system!
    The “Corporate Socialized Fascism” = system!

    You can’t mixed up an ideology with a system as the liberals often do by their talking points.

    No one can corrupt the ideology by the system providing that people adhere to the principals of the ideology and when you depart from these principles there is no longer same ideology.

    Therefore, you can’t call “Americanism” an ideology which departed from its constitutional principles an “Americanism”.

    Currently, we do not practice the “Americanism” but some form of the “Progressivism” which by its definition is unstable ideological motion which relies on other sub ideologies like “Environmentalism”, “Healthcareism”, “Homosexualism”, “Liberalism”, “Sexism”, “Pacifism” etc. etc. etc. base on which fascistic system can exist and grow like a fungus.

    Some day we may come back to the Americanism (a unique human ideological experiment) when we learn that there is nothing better out there.

    The Europe is much more advanced in this ideological struggle since it tried many forms of socialism including the “National Socialism” and noting worked. Now they are in last phase of it which will trigger social unrest and the arm struggle.

    As to the Occupism vs. Communism, the similarity will pop up when it will have to start relying on some form of the economical system for its survival and then all hell breaks loose and the evil of the communism will show as it did in the Plymouth Rock Colony .

  9. This is where we differ Fiala.
    “Americanism” is not an ideology.
    You did not make up your mind on that.
    Where is the unique idea? ideas? that separate it from any other traditional worship of free-market capitalism? (Economic System)
    Was “Free-Market” Capitalism invented in America?

    It is a style of system, a style of manipulation.
    The Dominant World style still?

    A system of mass denial and jingoism.(Secular Consumerism protected by market dominance and manipulation)
    It is more of a Crypto – Fascist system than anything. Superficially supported by the competition of “Progressivism” and “Conservatism”.

    1. “‘Americanism’ is not an ideology. You did not make up your mind on that. Where is the unique idea? ideas? that separate it from any other traditional worship of free-market capitalism? (Economic System)”……. Hmmmmmmm

      The Americanism has nothing to do with an economy nor capitalism nor any system.

      The unique idea of the Americanism is that while a king gains his godly unalienable rights by way of his coronation the USA citizen gains his godly unalienable rights by way of the birth or naturalization.

      Therefore the USA citizen is never a subject of the king (government) but he is the king or government.

      That is a unique ideology which is contained only in the Americanism.

      But that is way above your communist laced IQ.

  10. “This is where we differ Fiala”…….. Hmmmmmmm

    Obviously, because you are an ideologue, pseudo artist, snob who is using talking points which he does not fully understand which is clearly apparent by your alliance to the immature and childish Occupy movement by the lumpenproletariat.

    In contrast I am free spirit pursuant to the USA bill of rights.

    Do not let your paint dry!

  11. Is there really still a place for Anglos in Santa Ana any more? This would make an interesting post Art. I mean it’s kind of fun for my kids to see what one looks like (I flipped on the T.V. for a few minutes during the last council meeting so they could see a few) but really, why do they stay in Santa Ana?

    We play a game called Gringo Bingo in my family when we are driving on the weekends in Santa Ana (Weekdays you get few lawyers and people driving to Jury duty so it’s a little easier) The kids yell out when they spot a Gringo driving, kind of like a rare license plate. Double points if you see one walking or riding a bike. You can even draw out a grid with types of Gringos you are looking for (blond woman/man, white man in Suit, etc) You should have your readers try it. It can be pretty fun. We also play in Santa Ana Target Stores on weekends and it’s just about as tough to put together a Gringo Bingo there.
    P.S. Homeless people don’t count because most homeless are Gringos in Santa Ana.

    1. LOL! No fair. I look like a gringo.

      I think it is incumbent o our political leaders to involve everyone in our community as long as these folks don’t try to take over the agenda. But everyone should have something to offer.

    2. “We play a game called Gringo Bingo in my family when we are driving”…… Hmmmmmmm

      That is why Skinheads play a game called “Drive by Chicano” when they are driving.

        1. And who do you think is doing these unsolved drive-bys?

          It is just mater of time when “Brown Pride” and “Chicano Power” will be deported and new much stronger “Minuteman” will strike and then you, Zorro, will cry fault while forgetting your racism and hate for Gringo who is giving you opportunity and freedom which is nonexistent in your pissing ground south of the border.

  12. “We play a game called Gringo Bingo in my family when we are driving on the weekends in Santa Ana”

    Interesting. Our family has a little game called, “I spy with my little eye, a Gringo” which sounds very similar. The entire city of Santa Ana is viewed as a giant game board and you get points for spotting Gringos as you traverse the the city. Higher points are earned for Gabachos seen South of 17th street, East of Bristol street, West of Broadway and North of Segerstrom street. Triple points earned if you see a white man/woman in the Willard Neighborhood (teachers don’t count), Delhi, Santa Anita, and Logan. (La Chiquita also does not count) Double points scored in the Downtown at night for a straight white people either male or female. The board game version is in the works and should be ready by Christmas!

  13. In North Santa Ana we just call the cops on anyone we don’t like. They resond quick!

    Thats why we (I mean she) ran for office. To keep things good for the kids (I mean OUR kids. But really we believe in equality and we really care about things….and now that I have a voice (I mean SHE has), we’ll change things……..well unless we fall to the pressure…

    Hey I enhjoy the craft beers nearby though…..and I’m really glad they didn’t build that school!

  14. What does Vern mean Art? What are you doing?

    LOVE Vern’s piano playing by the way. He’s amazing!

  15. That’s pretty sad.
    “There is no place for Gringos in Santa Ana anymore”
    except for The City Manager, The City Staff, and all of the Property Owners!
    What is Santa Ana?
    Some Freeeekin Plantation or something?
    Some kind of White Man’s Animal Farm?

  16. I noticed that.
    If You drive down Broadway,
    You will find Amezcua’s office and Barbaro’s office and Harrah’s office right next door to eachother.
    They have this whole little community going on.
    Are they Communists?

    1. Lawyers like to situate near courthouses and Harrah has developed seemingly half the buildings in the Downtown, including the one your art gallery is located in.

  17. “That’s pretty sad.
    “There is no place for Gringos in Santa Ana anymore”
    except for The City Manager, The City Staff, and all of the Property Owners!
    What is Santa Ana?
    Some Freeeekin Plantation or something?
    Some kind of White Man’s Animal Farm?”

    No Mateo..Santa Ana 20 years ago was like the British in India before the partisan but now Santa Ana is more like the Alamo with COMMLINK and our neighborhood leaders as the Texians and General Santanna and the Mexican troops played by our City Council and SACRED.

  18. I forget what happened with the Alamo. Didn’t it fall to the Mexicans, but then some how America got all of Texas anyway. Martyred White People and an Illegal treaty of Hidalgo or something like that?

    1. The Texians lost the Alamo and Santa Anna murdered the survivors.

      Following the Alamo, at the Battle of San Jacinto, fought on April 21, 1836, was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. Led by General Sam Houston, the Texian Army engaged and defeated General Antonio López de Santa Anna’s Mexican forces in a fight that lasted just 18 minutes. About 630 of the Mexican soldiers were killed and 730 captured, while only 9 Texans died. This led to the Mex/Amer War and the treaty.

      1. Didn’t Santa Anna end up dressing up in drag in an effort to get away? And I recall something about a prosthetic leg that he wore, that somehow went missing when he was captured?

        Not sure. It has been a long time since I read these tales…

  19. Masters of Distraction.
    This thread is about Chief Walters and the history of Plantation Santa Ana y Rancho Santiago
    not “Drunk Andy”.

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