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Karina Onofre with Bob Huff, Miguel Pulido and Mike Dalati
Senate GOP Leader Bob Huff, Mayor Miguel Pulido, OC Latino Outreach CEO Karina Onofre, and Businessman/Santa Ana City Council Candidate Mike Dalati

Update: EDUCATION Seminar with Senator BOB HUFF was OFF THE HOOK ROCKIN!!!!!

By: Karina Onofre

The Education Seminar with Senate Republican Leader, Bob Huff, was a Total Success!!! We had over 160 people from the community attending, including Santa Ana City Mayor and Engineer, Miguel Pulido, Santa Ana’s Traffic Division Commander, Ruben Ibarra, and other local elected officials, as well as The OC Register’s Assistant Editor & Columnist, Joseph Perkins, and both Bank of America and H&R Block executives to support our efforts!!!

  • Desiree Onofre (9 yr old), Heidi Onofre (7 yr old), Ashanti Onofre (5 yr old), and Maya Dalati (8 yr old) led everyone with our Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Mike Dalati -Businessman and Santa Ana City Council 2014 Candidate, opened the seminar with a statement of the importance and priceless value of Education -and how he, himself came to this country when he was only 19 yrs old and after getting married, decided life was better with a professional degree, so he took two and a half years off work to get his B.A in Accounting -and today he has his PhD in Accounting, among other licenses, and is an Enrolled Agent, H&R Block Tax instructor, and a Accounting Professor at a local college.
  • Karina Onofre -Businesswoman, and OC Latino Outreach Hostess gave a performed a short skit illustrating the typical way Latino families view Education and had the audience laughing in agreement.. then she thanked Senator Huff for being there and introduced Santa Ana City Mayor Miguel Pulido.
  • Miguel Pulido -Engineer and Santa Ana City Mayor, gave a short biography on how he is a product of public the school system, how he became an Engineer, and how the workforce needs more Engineers and Doctors and profitable majors. Then, he gave the Grand Welcome to Senator Bob Huff.
  • Bob Huff -Senate Republican Leader gave a speech on his life, his humble beginnings, being the product of two great teachers.. He mentioned how in the beginning, he really didn’t enjoy school until his 4th grade teacher completely transformed his life! He said he had his father for 7th and 8th grade, and although he never told him, he was one of the Best and Most Passionate Teachers he ever had! He also mentioned statistics on Latinos and Education, and inspired the audience, composed mostly of young high schoolers, to continue moving forward with their education, and that choosing a major that paid off was he would recommend. He also mentioned how in high school, he told his counselor that he wanted to become a teacher, and when the counselor saw his impressive grades, he recommended something “Bobby” go into Medical or Engineering School -and that is why he instead opted to become a Politician! (Karina Onofre enjoyed interpreting everything he said into Spanish)
  • Anna Bryson -San Juan Capistrano Schoolboard Trustee and Clerk, thanked the audience for being there, and also offered moral support and encouragement to all
  • Ceci Iglesias -Santa Ana School Board member, could barely walk through the large audience to get to the front, but once there, she applauded the support of those present and continued to encourage their educational efforts.
  • Chris V. Pham -Garden Grove City Council member also applauded the audience and told them they were an inspiration for him to continue to work for the public sector and made himself available in any possible way to continue to support them.
  • Jose Martinez -District Representative for Assemblyman Allan Mansoor (support)
  • Maribel Marroquin -Ambassador for Senator Mimi Walters (support)
  • Ruben Ibarra -Santa Ana Traffic Division Commander (support)
  • Della Mahone -Project Management Institute Director (support)
  • Richard Knudson -MA, PPS Achievement Counselor at Professional Tutors of America
  • Orlando Acosta -Bank of America Manager and also provided “goodie bags” for audience
  • Sandra Veronica Perez -H&R Block Office Manager (support)
  • Rosa E. Bacilio -H&R Block Tax Specialist (support)
  • Christein Bronstein -OC Lincoln Club (supporter)
  • Dr. Ron Smith -OC Lincoln Club (supporter)
  • Joseph Perkins -OC Register Assistant Editor and Columnist (support)

Mike Dalati, Karina Onofre, and Bob Huff

A very Special Special Thanks to the Godinez High School cheerleading squad for giving Senator Bob Huff an amazing Half Time cheer, ending our AWESOME Seminar with golden Pom Poms!!! You Girls and Gentlemen ROCK!!!*;’~

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

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