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Former Democratic Party rising star Nadia Lockyer, who won a seat years ago on the SAUSD School Board as “Nadia Maria Davis,” was arrested last week in Orange County after someone tipped off the police.

Police said they found her in possession of methamphetamines and drug paraphernalia, including a “tubular aluminum foil with burned end,” according to NBC News.

Lockyer had her 9-year-old son, Diego, with her when she was arrested.

Nadia Lockyer was charged with four criminal counts:

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12 thoughts on “DPOC’s fallen star, Nadia Lockyer, caught with meth”
  1. Right. Knower,

    He was at home, where the drugs and pipes were found. She was arrested nearby scouring the streets for more Tina.

    Thats why the child abuse charges.

    Also, some reports have her being tipped off and leaving. The state treasuer knew she was being arrested before the Orange County Jail did.

    It’s a good thing he gave his staff a raise this summer, the media staff are working overtime!

  2. “had her 9-year-old son, xxxxx, with her when she was arrested.” Reported

    “Actually, her son was NOT with her when she was arrested.” knowersays

    Then who was the underage person in the room?

  3. According to the Oakland Tribune, who broke the story and the police blotter, The police were called when a family member called OPD. Presumably, the homeowner/renter.

    The police were given permission to search the room in which she and her sone wear sharing. the evidence was found.

    In a seperate incedent she was confronted by OPD outside the home, returned to the home and was cited/arrested. It is unclear if she was booked at OCJ because she was arrigned in custody.

    But the case is listed here:

    Additionally, there were blog reports in the Bay Area that she used her resigned position as a supervisor to sheild public disclosure……(sound familiarthat becomes an interesting thread as you read it.

  4. It seems her blouse is ripped on her left shoulder. Was there a struggle during the arrest?

  5. Wasn’t Nadia Davis an ally of John Palacio’s?

    He sure surrounds himself with some real winners. Montejano, Lopez, Amezcua, Davis and Lord only knows who else. Birds of a feather my grand daddy always used to say.

  6. Only 3 to 5 percent of meth addicts are able to quit and never use again.

    Let this be a lesson to you young ladies who lift their skirts to nasty old politicians. They love getting you drunk, cuz sober you’d never take off your panties. They love it when you’re high on drugs cuz the sex is wild and crazy. But remember, you’re the one getting drunk. You’re the one getting high. When your addiction is out of control, they call you crazy and demand a divorce.

    This is Nadia’s story and she’s sticking to it!

  7. So, whats this mean???

    Well, since this blog is the only one out of reach of the Sacremento powers (or so jaded towards the “liberal” cause that they refuse to recognize it.

    Lockyear a schrewd politician for more than forty years, as an assemblyman, president of the senate, AG and now treasurer. He has a boat load of cash inthe bank for the re-run of the latter.

    But, Nadia poses a problem, a gift for his opponent in any reelection. Her attorney’s know this and have said so. Details in the ugly divorce would not be surmountable even with his $2,000,000 treasure chest (more on how a canidate in charge of the states money skims of $2M).

    What’s a guy to do, 71 an institution himself, he goes shopping. What does he see: A plum position as……..


    Departing Chancelor, Charles Reed ruled with an iron fist and leaves at a difacult time for the revered state college system.

    So for months, Lockyear has been quietly and not so quietly working the trustees to elect him, a “safe” well known name to the $400,000 per year job. It has incredible prestige, absolute atonomy, and leverage over unions who fuel the political system in California.

    A brilliant move……seemingly. A few problems, Bill Lockyear has ZERO experience running a system like this even as a principal of an elementary school (he was a teacher for a few years forty years ago). Plus even his ally, Gov. Brown, whose political advisor is a trustee doubts his capabilities. Then there his regrettable choice to side with GOP legislators and then Gov. pete Wilson to confirm Ward Connerly to the US board of regents.

    Finally, there is a meth addicted wife, Six interactions with local law inforcement in sixteen months, a well publicized affair. An arrest that seems to getting less and less attention bey the day (thanks to the DEM MACHINE) and a son born out of wedlock to the drug addict mother 30 years his junior.

    So when you think about it, this story is as important to families with kids in say CSUF or SDSU as anything, strangely you’ll see the union backed left and the ignorant foolowers completely ignore this.

    The NSA BLOG should be commended for publishing this. Like the Oakland Tribune and the SF WEEKLY, it smells a story, while others are sniffing something else…..and it’s not Crystal Meth.

  8. My cousin used to by tools from a guy named Jose Fernandez who was Nadia’s novio back in the day when she got pregnant with Grandpa Lockyer’s nino. His heart was broken (Jose’s) and it’s too bad she didn’t stay with him because she could be living in a nice house and living the American Dream with a good guy but instead she went for the Crazy Life and now she is paying the precio!

  9. Great commentary,

    More proof that Chmeliwinski and friends are merely tools for what they think is the cause.

    Those losers are no more a news source that a Jr. high School newsletter. Funny, you never see the CARPETBAGGER commenting there, it is imediately censored.

    As for the other “Cheerleaders” Diamond loves to ask people to “OWN” comments. I am near certain he did here with the accusation that Lockyear eats pole. His vigourous unrearched defense set the guy off. Another paper tiger. I bet if jerry Brown raped a jewish baby with cancer, threw the kid into a pit for union workers to eat when he was done, Greg would find a defense.

    The failure of tese “progressive” politico’s to be the least bit introspective is not just scary, but dangerous. The “Lyin’ of the Left” and the “challenger of OC’s right wing noise machine” are the equivilent of “SCOOP BRADY”.


  10. Don’t be so hard on old Dan.

    His business is failing, his house in Irvine repeatedly keeps his kid for qualifiying for the FREE tuition he champions for illegals and others, he’ll be at Coastine in no time.

    He is despartley trying for a job at the “NEW OC REGISTER”, although a food critic who has had LAP BAND surgery would be a first, it would be totally OC!
    What’s next a segment on vaginal tighting!

    I am near certain his association with Galin will disqualify him from any position. That guys weak reporting and hollow journalism did him in. So Dan would be more of the same (about 200# more).

    Northwood has good schools and with the empty space provided with the PR business’ demise, there is a family in Santa Ana, who’s Dad is on the outs far Bar bills and infidelity (NO NOT DAVID BENAVIDES)where the Mom and could could rent the garage for cash.

    Sounds like a win win.

    At least his wife has integrity, working for the DISNEY machine they hate so much.

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