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Partying at Sutra

Police are searching for up to six suspects who attacked a group inside Sutra nightclub in Costa Mesa, this past Friday morning, and beat two victims so severely they required hospitalization. Three men were at a VIP table inside the club on Harbor Boulevard when the attackers jumped them about 12:30 a.m. Friday, Costa Mesa police Sgt. Stephanie Selinske said, according to the Daily Pilot.

This began around 3 a.m. Friday at the club in the Triangle at 1870 Harbor Blvd., when the trio was attacked by what police Sgt. S. Selinske only described as “male Asians who appeared to be in their early twenties,” according to the OC Weekly.

I was afraid this might happen.  There has been no justice in the recent killing of Kim Pham outside of The Crosby, a Santa Ana hipster bar/restaurant.  Two women have been arrested but there are several suspects still on the loose and Pham’s friends are afraid to talk to the cops.  But Asians have gotten the message – and they appear to be ready to fight back.

Partying at Stura

To make matters worse, the Santa Ana City Council and our temp Police Chief, Carlos Rojas, are denying that Pham’s death was a hate crime, even though it appears to fit the definition of a hate crime.

Are we on the cusp of  a race war between Latinos and Vietnamese here in the heart of Orange County – and are the bad feelings already spilling out into surrounding cities?

This can still be stopped.  But for that to happen we are going to need real leadership from our city leaders and I don’t see that happening.  They appear to be more interested in bar revenue than in justice – or peace.

And you have to wonder why area female elected officials like Supervisor Janet Nguyen and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez haven’t demanded that the Pham killing be investigated as the hate crime it so obviously is.

This mess is going to boil over into more cities before long.

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51 thoughts on “Does another club fight signal the start of a race war in Orange County?”
  1. The story says six Asians were the aggresssors here. Witnesses say Asians started the fight at the Crosby. Not sure how this signals the start of a race war. Sounds like it’s all coming from the same side. Don’t blame Santa Ana. Blame bars that serve people way past their limit and kids in their 20s with not enough sense. This time it’s Costa Mesa.

    1. There was no mention of who the victims were in the CM fight.

      Hard to believe that Asians were the aggressors in the Crosby murder given the outcome.

    2. CORRECT YOURSELF — it was Zavela’s DEFENSE ATTORNEY who stated that Pham threw the first punch according TO HIS WITNESSES. I’m tired of this victim bashing bullshit due to bias. Don’t blame the dead woman who can’t defend herself. That’s pathetic and has no class. Be ashamed when you repeat this garbage you’re so easily or readily fooled by.

      1. Lawyers Lie. Lawyers encourage their girls to lie to save the butts. Both girls lawyers are know sleazy lawyers. They are using the girls for their own greed and prestige.

    3. Costa Mesa Club Fight — your lies and bias are showing. Only Zavela’s attorney stated that Pham started the fight. Given the details altogether, it seems improbably to say the least. You’re a scumbag for providing such half-truths purposely because of your bias, and attacking THE VICTIM–beaten by multiple aggressors. LOSER.

      1. Multiple witnesses said they saw Pham throw the first punch. No witnesses reported hearing any racial slurs. Just the facts, ma’am.

  2. Since there is no mention of Latinos in this story, it’s way off base to call it the start of a race war. The facts: six violent Asian men beat up three people in a bar, two so seriously they had to be hospitalized. The facts in Santa Ana: 1) Witnesses say Pham threw first punch. 2) Witnesses say there was a larger brawl involving many men, including Asians. No wonder Pham’s friends are keeping quiet. They may not be only afraid of police. They may be afraid of other Asians. The outcome in Santa Ana has nothing to do with who the aggressor was. Or do you expect Latinos to stay down and be servile when they are attacked? They fought back and it went to far.

      1. Since when are Costa Mesa police interested in protecting Latinos? More likely that they don’t mention victims because it would make Asians look bad. Six against three is pretty weak. Where’s your outrage calling attackers cowardly, animals, etc. on this one? Two people in hospital.

          1. Out of all the reporting involving the Crosby incident, this is the only website that keeps trying to push a hateful race crime. Yes the incident fits the hate crime definition but it does not seem the crime was motivated by race. Why don’t you stop trying to stir up controversy and stop what looks to be a race war agenda.

          2. Nobody wants to focus the investigation on the failures of the Crosby, its bouncers, Downtown Stink’s “Clean & Safe” program or the family that’s spending huge amounts of money to lure drunks from Irvine and unleash them on Santa Ana’s streets. That should be where this is going.

            Did anybody follow up on the eyewitness report that a Crosby bouncer picked up Pham, draped her over his shoulder and put her back down on the ground after she was unconscious with a head injury?

    1. CORRECT YOURSELF — it was Zavela’s DEFENSE ATTORNEY who stated that Pham threw the first punch according TO HIS WITNESSES. I’m tired of this victim bashing bullshit due to bias. Don’t blame the dead woman who can’t defend herself. That’s pathetic and has no class. Be ashamed when you repeat this garbage you’re so easily or readily fooled by.

      1. If Pham didn’t throw the first punch, where are the 20 Asian witnesses who could speak up and confirm that? Since the whole Asian community is clamming up, it must be true. You’re tired of so-called victim bashing? I’m tired of lynch mobs.

  3. The problem is that we don’t have enough Negroes in Orange County.
    We have these ethnic children running rampant with no real guidance and supervision.
    White people are only good for selling the beer and collecting profits.

  4. Mateo – that is the first comment that you have posted that I think is genuinely funny – well done.

  5. Is this real life? Race war between Asians and Mexicans is not news worthy. Media doesn’t want your story. Your in Santa Ana, the armpit in the land of Orange.

  6. Here is another testimony from eyewitnesses that indicates Pham was the one whose selfie was interrupted and that she initiated and aggravated the conflict with the Latinas, who were trying to leave.


    Below is the account of events that was also communicated to police by the eyewitnesses:

    “the night of January 17, 2014, I was at The Crosby along with family and friends celebrating my older brother’s birthday. What unfolded outside of the club happened while my brother and I were having a “buzzed” conversation in the restroom; and because of this, all I was able to recap was seeing people standing in the bar stools, and crowding to the windows as I came out of the restroom. However, because of our celebration and the fact that The Crosby is a small bar, I had family and friends waiting outside when the altercation occurred who witnessed and have already come forward and done their part in the investigation to bring justice. It is through their eyes that I give you what actually ensued that night.

    Now, to the real story of what unfolded the night of the brawl. Because of the high volume of people inside the bar that night, there was a long line waiting to get in (including my family and friends). It was in that madness of having to wait with people a bit restless that an accidental “bump” of the shoulder occurred between the victim and one of the females that was part of the five individuals who are being charged. (The same “bump” that I have seen many great and intellectual individuals: black, Latino, white, or Asian not think twice about and make the poor decision of fighting). The bump occurred while the victim and her group of friends were taking pictures.

    The group of five individuals started walking away when the victim went after the woman who bumped into her and started arguing. It was not till a friend of the latino woman arguing came to separate the argument that the first punch was thrown by the victim inflicting the girl who was trying to separate the argument. A fight between those two women then ensued but were shortly separated. As the accused woman grabbed her things and was walking away, the victim again got away from her group and chased after her to continue the fight. As soon as that happened, the victim and the accused woman who initiated the first fight with the victim retaliated and then a brawl ensued with both groups.

    Unfortunately, one of the groups happened to be Asian and the other group Latino (and that is why they are making it a racial thing). During that brawl is when the victim was knocked unconscious and got kicked and trampled in the melee. I do not need to go into how low and savage-like that is of someone to kick or continue to inflict damage when someone is unable to protect themselves anymore. That is about the lowest thing anyone can do; and it is those individuals who deserve all if not most of the punishment in this unfortunate incident.

    Regardless of how and what occurred, no one deserves to get their life taken away in any fashion. My main purpose in writing this is to get justice for the victim and hope that all involved get what they deserve. The underlying facts that I want to abolish are the ones that are making this out to be a hate crime just because the media needs a villain to attract more attention to the unfortunate incident.


    Why the media is shaping it that way makes me sick. Almost as sick as all the ignorant individuals or are so quick to judge. And, the witnesses who are supporting that, shame on you. The victim was a very smart and beautiful woman inside and out who inspired many. It is through her words that I want to reiterate the importance of making a difference for the people of tomorrow to live in a better United States and add to the platform that great minds like Martin Luther King Jr, Cesar Chavez, and now Miss Pham have set, for us to keep taking steps forward. No matter your race, ethnicity, or gender, we are all Americans. We need to stick together to not bring anymore negativity to our great nation. Plant the seed you want your kids and their kids to prosper from.

    1. Oh yeah–sounds good–except… that this sounds like TOTAL BULLSHIT.

      Hmm, such peace-loving people who tried to leave then kicked the shit out of the girl 5 to 1 then right?? Seriously, you need to take a step back and hear yourself being ridiculous. Yeah, if your ‘friends and family’ outside were so peace-loving that they killed this girl violently SOON AFTER.

      Come now…..

      1. If you can read, which I seriously doubt, he says he had family outside who gave their account to police. If you choose not to believe the truth, then you are just creating racial conflict for the sake of sport, which will only promote other people getting hurt. And the fight was more like 20 Asians against 5 Latinos, only three of which were involved with Pham. Seriously, pull your head out and wipe the crap from your eyes, you’ll see things more clearly.

          1. Are you suggesting if a Latino had also been killed in this fight it would somehow even the score? I certainly hope not. I’m not saying anybody should have been hurt at all, just that the facts of this case indicate a fight between Pham’s crew and three local women. Not 5 against 1, as RR is saying. Fanning blatant falsehoods is only going to get innocent people hurt. Santa Ana PD have two suspects in custody. Have there been any arrests in the Sutra club attack in Costa Mesa, where 6 Asian men savagely beat 3 people, two of which required hospitalization?

    2. The guy was in the SHITHOUSE with his brother (who takes his brother to the bathroom????) but he claims to be a witness.

      This kid needs to head back to UCI and take a remedial English class.

      THIS IS HEARSAY. Complete bullshit

      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself… I was in a hurry, but I also noticed the lovely, ‘well, my friend who talked to another guy who talked to his friend said’, idiotic bullshit. Good catch.

        1. He had family members outside who reported their account to the police. Sounds pretty eyewitnessy to me. And where are the Asian eyewitness reports? Seems pretty odd that 20 people who also saw what happened are clamming up. The facts are coming out, it’s just a shame that racist OC jerks and Breaking Bad extras who work for DTI will choose to believe their own BS.

          And if you want some white crime news in OC to compare this with, we have:

          William L. Buchman, the Santa Ana schoolteacher who was arrested for having hundreds of snakes, including dead ones, lying around his rat-infested house.

          and Zachary Joshua Reeder, the former Servite schoolteacher who was convicted for lewd acts with children and posing as a girl on the internet to get nude pictures of boys.

          Stone cold sick ass mofos. Stop race baiting and take care of businesses with your own people.

  7. The weight of a third party telling of a story by an unnamed eye witness that can’t be cross examined is zero.

    That is why we have courts to settle the question.

  8. So the Register and OC Wrekly sre reporting the Crosby will be closing down for good.

    No doubt undrr pressure from Irv Chase who wants to keep up the fallacy that Downtown is safe.

    Still no word from Michele????

  9. This is not just a case of drunkards gone wild! These women who did this to Kim all carried a ‘chip’ on their shoulders and I think it would be prudent to explore what that ‘chip’ could be!

    1. Good question Marie.

      I am sure the shrinks at Chowchilla will have plenty of time to discuss this with Ms. Zavala, a single Mother, employed as an office clerk with a GED from Valley High.
      I wonder what’s in store for Jr. her five year old son, who will likely end up a ward of the state like his Mami. Great Leading by Example Nessa!

      Maybe her sisters would like to join in her and defend her? I doubt it though.

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