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By Chriss Street

Orange County, California is often referred to as the “Most Conservative County in America.”  But County Supervisors have made a mockery of that title by increasing spending by $145.8 million, in a year of lower property tax collection. Now that the County has started running out of cash, they simply diverted $73.5 million from the school’s share of property taxes to stop layoffs of 490 County unionized employees. Conservatives support small government, low taxes,and prudent spending. The County protecting their union buddies at the expense of firing 865school teachers doesn’t sound very conservative to me.

I published a report last week: “California has Drawn Down 85% of its Credit Lines;” where we first reported the State of California has a $13 billion budget short-fall and has already pulled 85% of their available credit lines. I warned the state might start short-checking schools and local government in an attempt to avoid laying-off politically active state unionized employees.  But I had no inkling that a big County with an upside-down budget would be the first to rip-off schools to shield powerful union friends.

Orange County has a dicey history when it comes to playing games with other-peoples- money.In 1993, I discovered that the County was trying to cover a $180 million budget short-fall byleveraging the County and the local school’s payroll accounts by 500% and speculating in the wild and woolly world of derivatives. When I confronted the County they claimed what theywere doing was “perfectly legal”.

I tried to get the FBI, the Controller of the Currency, and the State Attorney General to stop this egregious activity. I was told that: “Government makes laws to regulate the people, not to regulate themselves.” A year later Orange County filed the largestbankruptcy in U.S. history. Of the $2 billion in losses, local schools portion was $93 million.

In 2006, I ran and was elected as Orange County Treasurer to succeed Republican JohnMoorlach; now a Supervisor. When I came in office I discovered the $8 billion County pension plan was leveraged with $22 billion of derivatives. It turns out that the County had granted their unions the highest public pension benefits in the nation by spiking their pensions. To avoid having to actually pay for the higher costs of the benefits spike; the pension plan was secretly taking conspicuously bad investment risks. It took me a year of battling with County officials toget the pension to drastically reduce risk in 2007. Had the County not sold the derivatives, theywould have suffered $2 billion in losses in 2008 Credit Crisis. 

Supervisor John Moorlach rationalizes ripping-off schools as a method to force the replacement of a $49 million state revenue stream eliminated in last year’s California state budget crisis: “We must keep our $49.5 million and we rightfully deserve the additional $24 million.The schools must be backfilled by the State. The State has to figure out how to come upwith the $73.5 million. Had the Legislature and the Governor simply left the OC alone, itwould have been $24 million ahead. Now we have to wait and see how Sacramentoresponds to our having informed them that we are following the law. Let’s hope theyagree and we can all move on.”

The power of public employee unions is well-known across the U.S. But what isn’t known is how politicians mouth an ultra-conservative position, while cutting side deals for union support.  It is said: “The less the people know about how sausages and laws are made, the better they sleep in the night”.

Unfortunately, the County of Orange’s rip-off of schools is now in the public eye. The schools will file a law suit and in three to five years win and get paid back. But during that delay, the Supervisors will have generated some very un-conservative rich and powerful friends.


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4 thoughts on “Did O.C. Supervisors rip off our schools to save union jobs?”
  1. “Did O.C. Supervisors rip off our schools to save union jobs?”……. Hmmmmm

    Obviously they did!

    The better question to ask is: What do you gone do about it Admin?….. when you hate the Tea Party which is the only force out there to stop unions

    When you support union financed Pulido’s regime.

    When you support SAPD Chief Walters spiking his pension having two jobs.

    Ask not whether the O.C. Supervisors rip off our schools, ask what can I do to stop my City from doing the same.

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