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Park Santiago Burglar

Neighbors in north Santa Ana’s Floral Park and Park Santiago neighborhoods have been buzzing about an increase in burglaries in their areas over the past few weeks.  This comes just after the Santa Ana police officers got a new contract and, I am told, that the City Council has extended an offer to their current Temp Chief of Police, Carlos Rojas.

The City of Santa Ana generally looks out for these neighborhoods as they are filled with VIPs, including Mayor Miguel Pulido, who lives in Floral Park, and Parks and Agency Director Gerardo Mouet, who lives in Park Santiago.

One suspected burglar, pictured above, has been seen zipping around Park Santiago on a motor bike and he was even followed by a resident, who asked him if he lives here.  He threatened to call the police but left after the concerned resident invited him to do so.

Another pair of suspects, including a guy in a wheel chair, were caught breaking into a car parked at the Park Santiago baseball diamond.  Residents suspect that the criminal element is using the trails by Santiago Creek to invade their neighborhood.

I have been complaining for years about the random men who hook up with each other at Santiago Park.  You often find used condoms and rubber gloves along the Santiago Creek trails.

The criminals in town better watch out. Residents are fighting back.  They are taking pictures and posting information on Facebook and on a site called Next Door. And they are communicating with the police regularly.  The SAPD officers even patrol Santiago Park on horseback.

This all comes at a time when many residents of these neighborhoods are leaving.  There are For Sale signs all over Santiago Park.  The incoming residents are mostly what you might term “yuppies” and those leaving are mostly seniors, who are cashing out and in many cases are leaving the state altogether.

You can keep track of crime in Santa Ana on  Regrettably ours is one of the only big cities in Orange County that does not make crime data public for residents to peruse. Both Anaheim and Irvine make their police blotters available for review online as does the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

You can make criminal complaints online at the SAPD’s website.  You can also submit anonymous crime tips online here or call 1-855-TIPS-OCCS.

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9 thoughts on “Burglars targeting homes in north Santa Ana”
  1. I began questioning the SAPD last year after a prowler failed to ge in to our home overnight and instead settled for the unattached garage, where he stole three classic schwinn bicycles, I was restoring for some neighbor kids as a hobby. It was a good take a ’72 Apple Crate goes for two grand!

    Instead of dispatching a officer and taking a report, I was told to file a phone report and wait for a CSI clerk.

    Add to this, the a MURDER, in which the suspect dropped her cell phone, but it takes a week to identify her! Then there is the little matter of two serial killers, with GPS anklets killing at least three SANTA ANA women. But, Anaheim needs to step in and solve the crimes!

    Whats going on, are we heading into the 1990’s again.


  2. I heard from friends that SAPD is losing lots of officers and are down to the low 300s. They haven’t hire many officers and many are leaving to other agencies due to low morale and no pay raises in several years. No wonder it takes 3 hours to get a cop to take a report.

  3. Why are only the burglaries in the floral park only announced what about all the home robberies in south Santa Ana ….

      1. It is a hell of a lot safer up here in Norh Ssnta Ana but scum bags have no boundaries. At least we care enough to watch out for our neighbors as well as ourselves.

  4. My house was robbed 4/2014 by the above pictured individual. ..he was caught and served jail time…but my stuff…is fever gone

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