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The first Boca de Oro Book Fair was on March 7th 2020, One week later the COVID-19 Shut downs happened. This was the last public event they had in Downtown Santa Ana in 2020. They are not going to let COVID-19 stop them from spreading their love of literacy in our communities. This is why they are moving from the Boca de Oro Book Fair to Lending Libraries this year. This is how they will bring the book fair to every neighborhood in Santa Ana. This is how our neighborhoods can help all the youth still stuck at home with remote learning by sharing your favorite novels that are sitting around the house collecting dust with one another in this local book exchange.

If you are interested in this free Lending Library in your neighborhood please contact Madeleine Spencer at or call at 714-815-2653.

Boca De Oro Festival of Literary Arts & Culture, “mouth of gold” curates diverse and evocative writers, poets, storytellers and artists who present their work through literary readings, workshops, panel discussions, poetry slams, spoken word styles, and visual art experiences. A signature of Youth Arts Month on the First Saturday Art Walk led by Downtown Incorporated each year Boca de Oro regularly takes place on the First Saturday of March. Boca de Oro is a gift from Santa Ana Business Council representing Santa Ana’s Small Business Community composed of 796 merchants in partnership with Santa Ana Unified School District with other Sponsorship by Community Engagement, City of Santa Ana, Santa Ana Elks Lodge and Oasis Center International. Here are two short videos and some images for the presentation.

Boca de Oro Festival Year One

Boca de Oro Festival Year Four

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