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Like boss like employee. This is a snap shot of the Clerk-Recorder Department’s crack purchasing agent XXXXXXXXXXX XXXX. There is a saying that a team is as strong as its weakest team member and this appears to be the truth in this case. What kind of a shop is Tom Daly running here? From the looks of things Tom Daly expects his campaign for the 69th Assembly District to be a breeze.

The problem with this photo is that it is a reflection of Tom Daly’s inability to make a sound decision. In 2009, the County’s Head Purchasing Agent Ron Vienna conducted an audit of the Clerk-Recorder Department’s purchasing practices. The audit, which you can read about here, exposed Tom Daly’s inability to follow county purchasing policy. On twelve separate incidents, it was found that Tom Daly skirted county policy and showed no regret or concern over it. His department concurred with all the findings and listed several remedial actions the department would take.

There are obvious ways to save taxpayer dollars. But, to the taxpayer’s dismay, sleeping beauty here was the purchasing agent during the time of the audit. You would think that Tom Daly would have fired or severely disciplined this individual for his incompetence. However, Tom Daly opted to leave this person in a lesser position to answer the department phones and examine documents.

County records obtained by the Orange County Register show that sleeping beauty here is still costing tax payers $49,571 a year and is still getting paid as a Buyer II, a position he hasn’t held for two years. This is a salary way above that salary of the duties he is currently performing and I’m sure it is more than anyone gets paid for to allegedly sleep at work! If Tom Daly doesn’t make his employees accountable then who is going to make Tom Daly accountable for his bad decisions if he goes to Sacramento?

Do you want to send this sleeping beauty’s boss to Sacramento? Who in the world would tolerate this behavior in the real world? I guess Tom has never had a private sector job so he doesn’t know better. At the end of the day, Tom Daly has no regard for how taxpayer’s money is spent. Maybe this is a department benefit or Tom’s stimulus plan when he gets to Sacramento – cash for naps.  Or maybe this guy has some dirt on Daly, or his assistant Renee Ramirez…

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32 thoughts on “Asleep in Daly’s office?”
  1. The guy in the pictyure is always sleeping at work. He is very lazy and his attendance is terrible. This guy comes to work drunk everyday. He is wasting taxpayers money. Everyone should be upset that XXXXX XXXX is getting big bucks for doing nothing at work.

    Renee Ramirez is protecting him because he uses to buy Renee Ramirez personal items to take home for her house and charged it to the County. I hear that they have proof of the purchases that he made for Renee Ramirez.

    How can you work him out of class for over two years and he is still getting paid like he is a Buyer II. This is unfair for the rest of us.

    The OC Register needs to investigate these issues!

  2. I have been a document examiner for over 5yrs and this guy makes more money than I do. He is so lazy at work. Also when he does come to work he is either drunk or dozing off at work. His eyes always looks like bloodshot in the morning. He is always dissappearing from his desk. He is always hanging out with his girlfriend XXXXXX XXXXXXX during working hours. She is a supervisor abusing her power to proctect her boyfriend. XXXXX XXXX tells us he is protected by Renee Ramirez because he has dirt on her and she is afraid of him.

    Can the Board of Supervisors please investigate this guy working out of class for over two years and him being drunk at work?

  3. This guy is redicoulus! As a matter of fact everyone at Daly’s office is ridicoulus. His employees act like a bunch of high school children. Just go back and read prevoius posts and see for yourselves the garbage that comes out this office. Seems to me like everyone should concentrate on working and stop worrying about what other people are doing or saying.

  4. Clearly, it doesn’t matter what your capabilities and weakness are in OC politics. People will blindly support whomever they support.

    Another Website dedicated a smear piece to bashing martinez website????

    Another focused on Julio’s weight.

    Rather than evaluate a canidates strengths and weakness, foolish party followers promote people like Clerk-Recorder Daly, simply because he has a D next to his name.

    This is a galring examle with whats wrong with my party, we have become as bad as the Republican’s.

    How about a real debate, not about websites or diets, about the constituents. This district is in great need of leadership.


    That is the problem here, the mid level managers run this place. I have worked her for YEARS, have rarely (like 5-7) time seen the Clerk-Recorder.

    I feel like I am in high school: “Tom has visitors tommorrow, dress nice”. WTF. I am fifty and here to work, not F*^K.

    This place is a mess. TOM DALY IS NOT A LEADER.

  6. @ Justice WTH is wrong with you. I work my butt off everyday and to see this idiot XXXXX XXXX sleeping and walking around all day and I should mind my own business and keep my mouth shut. @ Justice it will never happen. This idiot is wasting taxpayers money and he is working out of class and he is over paid.

    I have the right to express my concerns. We need to get rid of Tom Daly , Renee Ramirez and XXXXX XXXX.

    The Board of Supervisors should do there job and investigate these issues.

    County employees should not come to work drunk or high.

  7. Didn’t the County audit HR for working out of class and illegal raises. If so why is this guy abusing the County rules.

  8. The problem here is that Tom lets his troll Renee run the office, he dosen’t want to be bother with anything. He is bearly in the office and when he is there,he is only there for one or two hours at the most and he leaves because he is busy campaining for this other position his hrs of operation are from 1:30 or 2:00 in the afternoon to 3:30 or 4:00. And he opens the back door to pretend he has been there all day like the rest of us. And that’s why he is not even aware of what’s going on in his own office. We hope he wins Solorio’s sit and LEAVES! We don’t care if he goes to Sacramento or China we just want him OUT!!!!! And do all of us a favor take your pet Renee with you.

  9. To everyone complaining on this blog about the loser in question. Have you said anything to your supervisors? Is he or she aware of what goes on? Have you ever spoken up or said “Hey this guy strolls in whenever his drunk ass feels like it and yet if I come in 5 minutes late, I get a blue slip?” I think not. Why are you blogging about it? Who’s going to listen to you here? If you want your voice to be heard then do something about it. If your HR or Admin people wont listen to you because they protect him; then go to your union representatives. If enough people did this then maybe you would see results. What are you so afraid of? They can’t fire you. What is the worst they can do? Move you to a branch office or worse, the help desk.

  10. Publish his name.

    That will fix the problem in five days!

    If untrue, he becomes a millionare suing for slander.

  11. The standard response by Tom and Company is that the bastard is sick or some medical problem. Well he is sick. He is an alcoholic and department hr is too gutless to do something about it. This is complete bs. This guy is not sick enough to roam room 106 to go visit his married supervisor girlfriend. His little supervisor girlfriend covers for him when he is missing in action and doesn’t tell him to get back to his work station and get to work. This photo is great. It shows what everyone knows is going on yet no one acts to remedy the situation. Who is this guy’s supervisor anyways and why hasn’t he or she acted on this?

  12. This guy should be fired! You are wasting my taxpayers dollars sleeping on the job during County time. The Board of Supervisors needs to investigate this guy coming to work drunk and sleeping on the job.

  13. That picture does not prove nor does it show xxxxx xxxx sleeping! Why do you people continue to Harrass and slander this employee? You are all two faced. You talk to him and take his genorasity for granted. You are all miserable and unhappy people. Shame on all of you. This man is really sick and has proof of his conditions. He does not need to explain himself to anyone but Admin. He could stay at home due to his illness and the county would pay him but he choses to come to work. The only person that should get fired is the person that took the picture and posted it.

  14. Like we said before if the Guy is sick and taking medication then he needs to stay at home and use u his precious leave time. There is no excuse for hus sleeping. There are several sick emplees on staff and you see them sleeping. Who is this Martha? Please tell your man to stop drinking Ans working. It is not productive.

  15. Hey stup I mean sup. If he is not sleeping then what is he doing? Maybe he is just stretching? He’s probably tired from running back and fourth to his supervisor girlfriend. I think people(clerk-Supervisor/girlfriend) are missing the big picture, if he is really sick he really needs to stay home and stop sleeping sleeping at his work station. Especially when he is in the public eye. It’s not good for business. One last thing. I don’t ever recall a dr ever prescribing booze for any kind of illness. I could be wrong though. If that’s the case please please get me his dr’s number, I would love the prescription that would allow me to be drunk at work.

  16. I’m a great boss I let my staff work out of class and come to work drunk. I like to flirt with the hispanic woman and I get away with it because i’m elected.

    Please leave my employees alone. I’m busy campaigning and don’t have time to come to work.

    My stupid assistant Renee Ramirez runs the shop for me.

    Jean Pasco keeps the newspaper off my A$$.

    Jordan is Jordan just hanging out and getting a paycheck.

    The Board of Supervisors are afraid of me.

  17. Hey justice,
    This issue has been brought to the attention of 2 supervisors and 1 senior supervisor. The responses were that there was nothing they could do about it for fear of getting in trouble with Renee Ramirez (Assistant Clerk-Recorder)and reporting it to Clerk-Recorder HR is like talking to a wall, because they are afraid of Renee Ramirez also.
    Next step is OCEA (which it has been reported), let’s see where they will take it.
    Any more bright ideas????????????

  18. No FeeHeart; I do not have any more bright ideas. You are all in an unfortunate position. I don’t even think Tom Daly is to blame for everything that goes on in that office. He is just plain stupid or he simply just does not want to get involved with other people’s (Renee’s) trash. Seems to me that the root of all evil in Daly’s office is his Assistant Clerk-Recorder Renee Ramirez. Why is everybody so afraid of her? He should have gotten rid of his “Assistant” when he first came into office as Clerk-Recorder. She just makes him look like an idiot. No wait, he does that on his own! Maybe if he came in to the office more often he might even catch “Sleeping Beauty” roaming the halls.

  19. Tom in never at work today he came in at 12:30 and left at 2:30. He probably just came in to check on his girls. WE all know who they are!

  20. No we don’t know and we don’t care. Who are they? You are so lame. Are you jealous because you are not one of his so called girls? Stop talking your shit and stay focused on what this post is really about. Sleeping beauty (C**** H***) and the fact that Tom’s administration is covering up for him.

  21. Ok people I looked at the County web page where every one’s salary is posted and it appears that there is only 1 Buyer II listed and it says it is Christopher Hall. So why is know one posting this guys name? It is public record and if you use your deduction skills you have only one conclusin. It is Christopher Hall. There! the cat is out of the bag.

  22. Anna Hutchison maybe Bruce needs to be phoned @ SSA? to be made aware of how sucia his esposa is…how can you walk around in pride knowing what you did? You are just as fake as your veneers. I remember your real crooked teeth, gap and all when you started lol

    Silva I saw when you took that pic, he was not sleeping and you left a customer ( taxpayer) waiting in line. Shame on your insecure self! You should try staying off your phone during working hours and try getting some work done. What a concept right?! If you try minding your own and shutting that trap of yours you might keep out of trouble. Btw ditch the Ross discounted apparel and the hideous lashes…looks like you have clumps of glue, so tacky!

  23. Why don’t you mind your own business and check yourself before you come to work. This is a professional office (or at least it is suppose to be)not a bar. Dress to work in office attire not club attire. So, are you the one that wears “Wife Beaters” to work or the “Fake Blond Fatty” that barely fits in her clothes? Now that’s tacky! Hey “Wife Beater” maybe YOU should have invested your money in new teeth instead of other things. People like you are the reason why there is so much unnecessary gossip at work. Before you open your mouth to talk shit; first get your facts straight! Your not the only one that “saw” what happened. You left out the part where he was also slurring his sentences and then he was being rude to customers (Tax payers) on the phone right before he fell asleep.

  24. Wow… Like I said before people; please stick to the subject. You caddy women are extremely ridiculous. Focus on the corrupt administration and what they do illegally around you that is morally wrong not on what your better looking co-worker is wearing or doing.

  25. Hello people the problem here is that this guys is drunk and sleeping on the job. The issue is not who took the picture.

    Get with the program set up a meeting with the Board of Supervisors and let them know how you feel. Don’t be afraid stand up for your rights. This guy is working out of class and making a lot of money doing nothing.

  26. If you really want to get something done, release this guys name.

    OUT him and then Daly can be confronted specifically about how he can let XXXXX XXXXXXXX continually come to work drunk and sleep on the job.

    Clearly, this has gone on for a while and is representitive of his leadership skills (or lack thereof).


  27. Every one knows who he is! What is the point of releasing his name?(By the way O.C. Register Reader already did that) He still has Administration and several Supervisors working hard every day trying to come up with excuses for his behavior. They are wasting all of our taxpayer’s money because instead of doing their real job and actually attending to the public and to their staff employees with real problems they are locked up in their so called “meetings” trying to figure out how they are going to prosecute the one that took the picture and make Mr. Sleeper look like the victim.

    So not only does this guy come to work drunk/hungover (the one or two days that he does decide to stroll into work) but when he is at work; he sleeps, takes breaks more than the standard 2 that is allowed, takes extended lunches, gets to dress casual every day (a privilege for employees of the month by the way),is rude to customers on the phone, is suppose to be an examiner but has the title and salary of Buyer II, and last but not least has a girl friend that is a Unit Supervisor for the Clerk-Recorder’s Department. Is that even allowed?

    Now my question is this. “Why is Tom Daly’s Administration bending backwards for this super star Role Model?”

  28. The Board of Supervisors need to investigate this matter. It’s illegal to be drunk at work. The OC Register will not cover this story or attack Tom Daly because of Jean Pasco.

  29. How sad is it that a high schooler like renee is running the clerk recorder Office. And we all know she’s not going anywhere, no other agency is going to hire her as a manager (because that is her job title, there is no such thing as Asst. Clerk Recorder title)because she dosen’t have the knowledge nor the education to run any other agency. Just see the results they’ve had with her management skills, unhappy employees, employees coming in to work drunk like the guy in the picture.We all hope Daly wins this new seat and leaves, we are tired of putting up with his i’m better than you attitude, of him never being at work to know what’s going on in his own office. Tom please leave and like someone said on a previous blog take your so call “Assistant Clerk-Recorder” with you. We’re ready for a new administration people that actually cares about their employees.

  30. HA!!!! HA!!!! HA!!!! I knew Chris Hall would be famous one day. Me and Chris grew up together in Hawaii. He was lazy then and looks like he is the Big Kahuna Lazyman now. Who but Chris can sleep at work and get paid for it. Look at him, he has his leg all propped up and arms crossed. My I am very jealous. At my job in the private sector, I would have gotten fired right away. Chris you are my hero man!! I love you and wish you many paid naps as the holidays come upon us. Happy Holidays O.C. Taxpayers. YOU ARE FOOTING THE BILL HERE.And i though the Miller HIghlife was a myth. Cheers to the pastee white guy boss of your.

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