Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

SAUSD poor performing schools

Apparently, the Santa Ana Unified School District has decided to get rid of all Honors classes at all of the high schools. The District is doing this even though they had a huge blow up at Middle College High School, with parents, a few weeks ago over this.  At the time they insisted it was only happening at Middle College High.

The District did not solicit any input from teachers or parents.  As it stands, most of our high achieving kids are going out of district anyway.

This brain drain bodes ill for the SAUSD.  Get ready for lower test scores, lower graduation rates and higher dropout rates.

The SAUSD middle schools are going downhill fast.  The few good ones are overcrowded and have long waiting lists.  There are only two fundamental high schools.  Both are going to be hard to get into, and I understand that Segerstrom is now a neighborhood school.  

Think about the long term implications of this shipwreck in the making.  Crime is going to go up.  Way up.  Our local jobless rate is going to skyrocket.  Get ready for more gang members, more drug use and more teen pregnancies.

I can’t understand why the SAUSD Superintendent and School Board are making such awful decisions.

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3 thoughts on “Are honors classes out at the SAUSD?”
  1. Adimin. This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I have always considered and still do, public education the backbone of our community. This explains why your colleagues from Irvine, Brea and Orange don’t address this or write about it. They are niether intrested in our community nor are their political interests furthered. Sad but true.

    SAUSD needs to decide whether they want to be an educational organization or a social services arm for society at large.

    I understand that well rested well fed children do better. But that has gone WAY too far. Do we really need to use district resources to feed non students breakfast and lunch in the Summer?

    This is but one small example of how out of control things are. I am a voting Democrat. But the Quirk-Silva ( and company) philosophy of feeding the kids belongs the responsibility of the county.

    We just raised taxes of a few BILLION DALLARS in California. Supposedly for education. Yet three months in…….

    Li have a lot to say. Hopefully other residents and products of the system will speak up and out. I know one Artist who grew up here and a VOC blogger.

  2. The PC nonsense of “everyone can learn together” needs to stop. Students cannot prepare to take difficult AP classes and succeed while sitting next to kids who barely read at a third grade level. If we want to compete internationally, we need to stop the sole focus on the lowest common denominator. The top and the bottom academically do not learn much when they are all thrown together. This might work well for the middle, but I didn’t think that mediocrity was the goal. It also might work well in districts like Irvine, where the disparity between the students isn’t as great, but, on the other hand, I don’t see districts like Irvine moving to eliminate honors classes.

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