Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

The city of Santa Ana has made an offer to a candidate for its vacant city attorney position and is awaiting acceptance of the offer, according to City Hall sources, as reported by the Voice of OC Blog.

My own insiders are reporting that the next Santa Ana City Attorney is going to be a Latina candidate.  I don’t know her name yet but I will soon enough and then we will update this post.

The City of Santa Ana is offering over $213,000 a year to our next City Attorney, according to this document.

I am also hearing that there is a very good chance that our next City Manager will also be Latino.

And the North County Times has reported that Edward Raya resigned his Human Resources Director job in Oceanside in June although he was being paid an annual salary of $157,000.

Raya is leaving for a higher-paying job in Santa Ana, where he had been assistant personnel director prior to coming to Oceanside.

For those keeping track, we also have Latinos serving as our City Clerk, our Parks and Rec Director and our Public Works Director and I am told that our next Chief of Police will also likely be Latino.

Orale!  Best of luck to all of these new hires.  I am glad to see new blood at our City Hall.

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7 thoughts on “A Latina is in the running to be the next Santa Ana City Attorney”
    1. Gennaro,

      I don’t think so. I think the East End is a fait accompli. I assume you are referring to the East End where the Fiesta Marketplace used to be?

  1. Fantastic news! I speak for all Latinos in Law School, we need more role models! I therefore welcome this diversity at such a prestigious level. Bravo…

  2. I’m pretty sure Voice of OC isn’t a blog… that’s kind of like calling the LA Times website a blog…

    Your site looks more like a blog.

    1. Jack,

      We don’t pretend to be anything other than a blog. But the Voice of OC appears to be something less than objective. Check out their Board of Directors here: Four of the 8 board members are trial lawyers. Two are former State Senators – both Democrats – one from Los Angeles. The two former State Senators also run a lobbying firm in Sacramento. There are only two former reporters on the board. There are ZERO community activists on their board. Just a bunch of lawyers and other special interests.

      And we all know that the Voice of OC was initially funded by a huge grant from the OCEA – the OC public employees union. Another special interest.

      If that is what you call objective journalism, good for you but I suggest you take everything they write with a grain of salt…

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