Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Firefighters are on the scene of a residential structure fire at the 100 block of N Laurel St., as reported by the OCFA at 11:23 pm.

The fire is occurring in the Santa Anita neighborhood a few blocks West of the Santa Ana River off of West First St., just south of the Willowick Golf Course.

Update: The fire involved two adjacent houses. All the residents were able to escape without injury. Fire investigators were on the scene but no cause established at this time. A total of 15 people were displaced-9 adults, 6 children.

The Southern California Red Cross was requested to assist the families in finding shelter.

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3 thoughts on “A home in the Santa Anita neighborhood is on fire late on Sunday night”
  1. It states Santa Anita,.. It was Santa Ana I was one of the responders as a pedestrian Vet medic

    1. Hi Randy. Yes it was in Santa Ana but the neighborhood in question is called Santa Anita. You can look it up in Google. Santa Ana has 52 neighborhood associations.

      We appreciate your work helping our community!

      1. Actually it’s pronounced and known as “Santanita” for ‘little’ Santa Ana. In the late 1940’s my sister & I lived there with our parents who were both immigrants. There were no sidewalks and everything was unpaved. The houses were wooden shacks I remember we had a “refrigerator” outside that was not electric and the iceman would come and put in a block of ice! Back then, I think, that would be one of the first places immigrants moved into. My ex said she also lived there with her family. When they moved out she told me how one of the boys living there tied a rope to their porch and then to his tricycle and and rode off and knocked it down.

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