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One has to wonder why drunk drivers don’t just order an Uber or taxi – they often don’t learn their lesson until something bad happens.

Case in point, a driver thought to be under the influence crashed a vehicle into a fire hydrant in Irvine on Saturday night. The collision rsulted in a geyser of water that shot up about 70 feet in the air, according to County News.

The incident happened in a parking lot by Main Street and Veneto at around 11:16 PM.

The driver was behind the wheel of a silver sedan tht slammed into the hard to miss yellow fire hydrant. That adriver was later arrested on DUI charges.

Fortunately no injuries were reported and firefighters were able to staunch the flow of water to the hydrant in about 15 minutes.

How much will this DUI cost that driver?

The minimum fine for a DUI is $390, according to the Orange County Law Firm of Robert Miller & Associates.  The maximum is $1000.  However, the State of California has a tax, known as a “penalty assessment”, that makes the total about five times that amount.  For a fine of $390, plus fees, you will pay about $1922 minimum in Orange County.  The maximum would be over $5,000, although most first time offenders would get the minimum.  The court allows you to make payments on your fines and fees, or work off the amount via community service.

But there is more, including these factors:

  • Court fines.  Every law has a minimum and a maximum, and fees and fines in a DUI can be substantial.
  • Towing and Impound Fees.
  • Alcohol School or Program Fees.
  • DMV Driver’s License Fees.
  • Bail.
  • Fees for a DUI Lawyer or DUI Specialist
  • Booking Fees (reimbursement for arrest costs).
  • Ignition Interlock Device (Only mandatory for DUI cases with a prior, or any first-time convictions in Alameda, Los Angeles, Tulare and Sacramento counties, as part of a pilot project).
  • Alternative Transportation, such as Uber or Lyft.

The real total cost of a DUI in Orange County could end up over $15K! That driver in Irvine should have called an Uber…

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