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There was a big hulabulloo recently in regards to the Mexican Independence Day celebration in downtown Santa Ana that was scheduled to take place on September 11th of this year.  The Orange County Register used its platform to stir the pot and throw red meat to the scores of bigots and racists that make up a good chunk of their readership by questioning whether or not the event should take place on the 9th annivesary of the terrorist attacks.

My question is:  Where were the folks at the Register and the others so steadfastly opposed to this event being held on that day back in 2004, when it was held on September 11th of that year?

I think that it is quite clear that the Register and company are just jumping on to the bandwagon of hate and anger that we are seeing in our country.  They are simply trying to seize upon this climate that we have seen created by right-wing extremists and their friends in the media like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

 With this constant nasty vitriol being aimed at healthcare reform, immigration reform and anything President Obama supports it doesn’t take much to stir these folks up.  Just knowing that a Black man is in the White House is usually enough to many of these folks blood boiling.

Back in 2004 however these same folks were quiet as George Bush and the neo-cons bankrupted our country and wasted our precious tax dollars on unnecessary wars and such.  The Register did not say a peep about the Mexican Independence Day celebration being held on 9/11 that year and Lupe Moreno and her band of mental midgets weren’t marching in the streets.

Fast forward to 2010 and those malcontents are coming out of the woodworks to pile on and to use the deaths of those killed on 9/11 to further their narrow minded agenda.  Even Fraudio “5150″ Gallegos from the FibOC has joined in on the disgusting display just to push his anti-Claudia Alvarez agenda/obsession.

If these people were truly concerned about honoring those lives lost on 9/11 the would not use that day as a cheap political opportunity to attack the City of Santa Ana, our city executives and elected officials or the immigrant community.

But since you have all seized upon the opportunity to do so, where were you in 2004?

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