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Santa Ana’s high water prices may rise even more if the MWD pension spike is approved

Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez added an 85a  item, at the last minute, to the agenda for tonight’s Santa Ana City Council meeting.  The item is titled “Proposed Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Employee Compensation and Benefits Issue.” 

What this means is anyone’s guess.  My theory is that she is going to ask the City Council to vote to support the irresponsible proposed pension spike for the MWD workers, but who knows?  Perhaps she may be taking the counter view.  One can only hope.

Santa Ana residents pay the highest water prices in Orange County, even though we have our own water table, which is to say that we store our water underground, for the most part. 

If you would like to let Mayor Pro Tem Alvarez know how you feel about this pension spike, click here to send her an email.  Click here to send an email to the entire City Council.

The Santa Ana representative on the MWD board of directors is Dan GrisetClick here to contact him and let him know how you feel about the proposed MWD pension spike.

Alvarez works for the Orange County District Attorney’s office.  She is one of the most experienced Council Members in Santa Ana.

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