Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

I received a tip this week that forces allied with Orange Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly are looking for pictures of one of his Democratic opponents for the 69th Assembly District, Julio Perez, a labor consultant.

What sort of pictures?  They want pictures of Perez riding a car in the Santa Ana parade.  Not just any car – it was a car that was entered in the parade by the Institute for Mexicans Living Abroad, of which Perez is an elected board member (OC Weekly).

The purpose of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME) is to promote strategies, integrate programs, gather proposals and recommendations of the communities, their members, their organizations and advisory bodies, aimed at raising the living standards of Mexican communities in the abroad, as well as implement the guidelines issued by the National Council for Mexican Communities Abroad, according to Wikipedia.

I am no fan of Perez due to his excessive support for labor, but it is beyond wrong for any Democrat to attack him due to his support for his fellow Mexicans.

I warned you all about Daly.  Click here to read more about him.

Daly can of course absolve himself of the blame for this attack by having his pals do it via a Political Action Committee…

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12 thoughts on “Will Daly’s allies attack Perez because he supports Mexican immigrants?”
  1. 1)You post too many articles.
    2)I think I saw Janet Nuygen walking past Occupy Santa Ana with her nose in the air and acting like she could care less. My opinion was:
    That woman is a piece of crap and she does not hold a candle to the likes of other folks like Michele M. who does seem to care.
    More to say later. Peace. Admin, did that guy wash your underwear yet?

  2. “Will Daly’s allies attack Perez because he supports Mexican immigrants?”

    I seriously doubt that – even conservative Democrats would not do that.

    I agree with mateo – “You post too many bulls**t articles.

  3. “When I disturb the left and the right, I am on the right track.”

    You never fail to use this same lame-ass say-nothing “explanation” when your posts make little sense.

  4. Wow, you’re cranky tonight Grandpa. Hit the pot shops before bed Mike.

    I assume philandering Tom Umberg is supporting Daly, I think his mistress is too. She was at his fundraiser. How’s that for good old values. A cheating politician who scams his way on to HSR board to help other cheating politicos get into higher office.

    A vicious ugly cycle.

  5. How are those candidates going to stand up to Rocco? The white man for the job?

    He can mail out single serving containers of ketchup just like Umbreg sent out oven mitts.

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