Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

SAUSD School Board candidate Mark McLoughlin appears to be trying to hide his financial information from the public. McLoughlin was appointed to the Santa Ana Planning Commission in January so he had to turn in a Form 700, to the Santa Ana City Clerk. That Form, which you can see here, is completely devoid of any investments/businesses/loans/income information!

McLoughlin claims he is the General Manager of SKYCO Architectural Shading System and President of High School, Inc — yet he does not disclose any of these business connections on his Form 700 filed with the City of Santa Ana. In fact, he discloses absolutely NOTHING on his 700 Form. It surely seems that McLoughlin is avoiding disclosing info about himself.

Mark McLoughlin at the forum

McLoughlin is supposed to disclose his investments, real property, income, loans, business positions, and gifts on his Form 700. Surprisingly he reported absolutely NOTHING for any of these categories. This is remarkable – we have never seen a Form 700 with NOTHING to report. We hope the City Attorney and City Clerk of Santa Ana do their job and require McLouglin to resubmit his 700 Form with the required disclosures.

We emailed the Santa Ana City Clerk about this today and we hope that McLoughlin will be compelled to properly fill out his Form 700.

We continue to be amazed that Santa Ana’s education unions endorsed McLoughlin. Did they even bother to properly vet him?

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2 thoughts on “Why is SAUSD School Board candidate Mark McLoughlin hiding his financial info from the public?”
  1. Seems a little biased considering Cecilia’s fake grin up there. I just hope you’re as critical with other candidates.

    1. We are happy to sell ads to any candidate. She was smart enough to do so. And to our knowledge she has not filed empty financial forms while McLoughlin appears to be trying to pull a fast one on the voters.

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