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Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido is finally going to term out of office next November. He is already making plans to run for the First Supervisorial District.

So far three candidates have created committees to run for Mayor of City of Santa Ana – Municipal Government in 2020:

I cannot imagine many folks are excited about voting for Benavides, who was on the City Council for years but left no legacy and made no impact on the community.

Solorio has had a very successful political career including serving in the State Assembly. However he faces a strong headwind as there are a group of residents in Ward 3 who are trying to launch a recall election against him. They are mad about a development he is backing and are alleging he does not live in Ward 3.

Solorio however already has a ton of campaign cash on hand and he has vast connections in Orange County and in Sacramento.

Pham has no chance. He should find something else to do with his time.

There will be other candidates filing of course. Possibly including former City Councilman Sal Tinajero who barely lost to Pulido in the last Mayoral election.

Don’t be surprised if City Council Member Ceci Igliesias runs for Mayor. If she does she will be the only fiscal conservative in the race. She already enjoys broad support in our city and would be a dangerous candidate to be sure.

Of course being the Mayor in our city is a part-time job that demands full time hours. And you still have to get a majority of the City Council to work with you or nothing will get done. It is a tough job.

Pulido has had a heck of a time dealing with unfriendly City Councils over the years. Who knows what his successor will have to deal with as our city teeters on the edge of financial ruin?

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5 thoughts on “Who will be Santa Ana’s next Mayor?”
  1. Solario is a worthless political hack. As mayor, he would manage to drive the city farther into debt while looking after only his cronies and benefactors interests. That campaign cash he has accumulated came from somewhere, yeah?Successful political career? Name one significant piece of legislation he authored and successfully passed while an assemblyman. Worthless is his middle name.

  2. Solorio voted YES on AB109 when he was in the Assembly. Therefore, he has contributed to the homeless and drug addiction issues in Santa Ana.

  3. It needs to be ceci Iglesias!!! Solorio will continue to exchange political favors with his cronies and leave the city out to dry.

  4. Solorio also supports the high rise apartment building at 2525 Main. Does Ceci Iglesias support that project too?

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