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IMPORTANT statistics regarding the homeless count over the weekend

By: Santa Ana City Councilman Juan Villegas

Citywide Key Findings:

  • Total Unsheltered Count: 1,030 people.
  • 564 Additional Homeless in Santa Ana since the January 2017 PIT (466 people)
  • 81.8% are chronically homeless (one year or more)
  • 52% reported their last permanent residence was outside the City of Santa Ana
  • Compared to the last PIT Count, we have more unsheltered women

  • Of the recent homeless populations, 23.4% or 132 people reported coming from the Riverbed
  • 7.7% of the current homeless reported being veterans
  • 28.5% reported having experienced domestic violence
  • 32.6% reported having mental health concerns
  • 36.9% reported having disabilities
  • 50.7% reported some type of substance abuse
  • 15.4% or 158 people, reported they were referred to Santa Ana by a person or Agency
  • 32 Santa Ana USD public schools are located within 1,000 feet of encampments

Civic Center Findings

  • 206 Unsheltered
  • 2 libraries within the Civic Center
  • 4 schools within 1,000 feet

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