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Judge Marc Kelly
Judge Marc Kelly


Wednesday, April 8, 2105

Contact: Kelsey Eiben 714-676-8879

Grassroots Organizer Bryan Scott and Top Orange County Elected Officials to call for Resignation of Judge Kelly

Announcing Major Support To Recall Orange County Judge M. Marc Kelly

(Santa Ana, CA)-Bryan Scott and several Orange County Supervisors, including Chairman Todd Spitzer, Vice-Chair Lisa Bartlett, and Shawn Nelson, will be holding a press conference tomorrow Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 1PM to call for the resignation of Orange County Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly who minimized the sentencing of Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto after he had been convicted of raping a 3-year old girl, and call for his resignation.


  • Bryan Scott, “Recall Judge Kelly” Grassroots Organizer
  • Todd Spitzer, Chairman, Orange County Board of Supervisors
  • Lisa Bartlett, Vice-Chair, Orange County Board of Supervisors
  • Shawn Nelson, Orange County Board of Supervisors

WHEN: Thursday, April 9, 2015, at 1:00 P.M.

WHERE: Plaza of Flags-Civic Center Plaza, 700 W Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92701

WHAT: Bryan Scott and Orange County Board of Supervisors will be calling for the resignation of Orange County Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly.


Editor’s Note: The campaign to recall Judge Kelly now has a Facebook page, at this link.

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6 thoughts on “Three O.C. Supervisors to call for the resignation of Judge Marc Kelly, on Thursday”
  1. And why don’t they recall District Attorney Tony Rackauckas for his deficiencies?

    1. If you look at his record. . . I would thank him for what he has done right. Unless you would like the job?

      1. In this case I think most people will take the so can give the child rapist what he deserves . Dosnt matter if he has it hasn’t done a good job I’m the past this is a mistake that shouldn’t happen even once . Specially with his pay

  2. Could the OC Supervisors please get back to their actual jobs and figure out zoning for all the drug rehab housing in residential areas here in the OC? What panderers! Must be an election year. This has absolutely nothing to do with their juristiction but they sure are going to stick their nose in it if it means getting their photos in the news. Hey Todd Spitzer get back to work! I’m an OC tax payer and you’re on my dime. You too Lisa Bartell do something that is actually in your job description. Maybe it’s time for a recall on you two. DISGUSTING!

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