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SAUSD’s Engage 360

SAUSD Extended Learning Program – Engage 360° Begins January 5, 2015

We are excited to launch our new Extended Learning Program, Engage 360°, beginning January 5, 2015, to SAUSD K-8 students. Engage 360° will provide students with a safe environment that is a true extension of the academic school day. Students will engage in meaningful academic support, varied enrichment, nutrition and physical activities that will accelerate student outcomes linked to LCAP goals.  This program will replace the existing afterschool programs currently operated by Think Together and the Boys and Girls Club in grades K-8.

SAUSD’s Engage 360° includes:

  • Use of highly-trained SAUSD employees
  • Linked with after-school tutoring provided by teachers
  • Continuity of instructional program extended to after school
  • Access to technology used within the school day during after school program
  • Ability to track data and program success at a higher level
  • Greater level of oversight by District
  • Increased enrichment access for students with community partners

Programs primarily operate for K-8 grade students from the close of school until 6:00 p.m. daily.


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4 thoughts on “The SAUSD’s new afterschool program, Engage 360°, has launched”
  1. Sounds like the SA teachers union pulled this off. It must be more expensive than TG. How did the SAUSD come up with the funding for this?

    1. When we revealed how much Think Together was overpaying their executive staff we pretty much sunk their battleship. They also turned on kids involved in afterschool music and sports programs. And a lot of families were turned away. I’m sure the district will do a better job.

  2. Think Together was very unorganized. I enrolled my 3rd grade son and they lost my application. They never returned any of my calls or emails and basically gave me the run around. I finally spoke to the supervisor and she told me “we have a full capacity” and can not get your son in!! When I was the second person in line at time of open enrollment day. Took 2 hrs off from my work to make sure I was “first come/first serve” in line and for them to loose my application! I was and still very upset about this issue…. Hope this coming 2015 open enrollment with Engage works out more efficient.

    1. All true and they underpaid they’re workers while overpaying their executives. I am sure the school district will do a better job. They certainly can’t do a worse one!

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