Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Gerry Serrano, the President of the Santa Ana Police Officers Association, is currently running for reelection. Now he is going to have to explain to his union members why they should reelect him after he and his POA Board of Directors completely bungled Tuesday’s General Election.

The POA’s pick for Mayor, Jose Solorio, came in fourth place. The most anti-police Mayoral candidate, Vince Sarmiento, won handily.

As for the City Council, if the early results hold true we will lose the only police officer on the Council, Juan Villegas. Even worse the candidate who beat him, Jonathan Ryan Hernandez, is an ally of former City Council Member Roman Reyna and as such you can expect Hernandez to also be very anti police. The POA should have supported Villegas but instead they recruited Vic Mendez, a car salesman, for Ward 5. Mendez came in last place.

The other City Council candidates who won on Tuesday, Thai Viet Phan in Ward 1 and Jessie Lopez in Ward 3 are very liberal and will predictably side with those who are seeking to defund the police.

The POA blew a small fortune in this election and in the recall of former Santa Ana City Council Member Ceci Iglesias and what does his union have to show for it now?

The Santa Ana City Council is now perhaps the most liberal City Council in Orange County and will be headed up by a Mayor, Sarmiento, who will not give the POA the time of day.

The POA bungled their political capital and hurt their image and now it is only a matter of time before the SAPD is defunded.

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2 thoughts on “The Santa Ana Police Officers union shot themselves in the foot”
  1. This calls for a celebration!! Time to refocus the people’s money in other sectors rather than making this man richer

  2. I’m cracking the champagne. I would love it if the POA flushes the turd that is Gerry Serrano. I’d love it even more if the SAPD gained some humility and actually respected the people they are sworn to protect and serve.

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