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Wurst Haus

By now you have surely read about the racial fracas that occurred near the American Barbershop, in Downtown Santa Ana, last Friday.  But did you know that the owner of that enterprise, George Mendoza, is also working on opening a new restaurant called Wursthaus, across the street from his barber shop, at 305 E. 4th St., #106?

The Wursthaus restaurant plans to open at 305 E. Fourth St., near the Frida Cinema. Gabriel Ruiz and George Mendoza plan to serve gourmet sausages, side dishes, wine and craft beers at the German-themed eatery. The 2,000-square-foot space will seat 85 and operate from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday to Thursday and until 4 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays, according to the O.C. Register.

What you may not know is that reportedly disgraced former Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante is an investor in this new business.  That could lead to some odd marketing – come try Bustamante’s hot sausage!  No bueno…

Wursthaus jobs

If you are interested in working at the Wursthaus, they are having a job fair on Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 6 to 10 pm at 4th and French, by the Santa Ana Plaza.  Apparently they are looking for people who know about German beer and sausage.

Gabriel Ruiz and George Mendoza
Gabriel Ruiz and George Mendoza

I am told that these guys are going to try to keep prices affordable.  That would stand in stark contrast to most of the overpriced hipster food in Downtown Santa Ana.

I don’t know how all these new hipster joints are going to survive unless they can pull in a lot more business.  Local residents are not interested in overpaying for small portions.  None of these establishments are family friendly and this is a town composed of families with young kids.

Carlos Bustamante, restauranteur

But I do like German beer and sausages so I will have to check out Wursthaus when they open up but I hope I don’t run into Bustamante!

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16 thoughts on “The owner of American Barbershop is opening a German sausage restaurant in DTSA”
        1. Wonder how the ABC allowed this one to slide when Ruiz and Mendoza applied for their liqueur license??? How thought even being accused of a felony was enough to be denied a liqueur license.

          1. For a so-called “hate crime” to have taken place there must have been a crime committed which was motivated by hate What was the crime committed? Calling names is not a crime.

  1. I’m getting a much better idea about the definition of “hipster” as used on these message boards. From what I can tell the word is being used as a pejorative to describe someone younger, better looking, and with more disposable income than the person actually using the term. These hipsters seem to enjoy renovating the area known as downtown Santa Ana and also enjoy spending their time and money consuming appropriately-sized portions of food that costs more than an Arby’s sandwich. So what!?! Have you noticed the size of most elementary school kids today? Are you aware of this country’s ever-growing problems with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease? Have you ever considered what it takes in the way of suppressed wages to offer all the cheap food (both in quality and price) that enables wanton over-consumption that ultimately leads to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease? So if the so-called “hipsters” want to turn things around for downtown Santa Ana -and- offer smaller portions while charging enough to pay a decent wage to their staff… that can only be a good thing. Oh yeah… the article above pictures a help-wanted flyer. Yet another reason to fully support all efforts to renovate and retake downtown Santa Ana. The gentrification of downtown Santa Ana creates jobs and rewards the efforts of hard-working Americans.

  2. It seems every comment above is a comment off topic. This is with the exception of the first comment. Art’s revelation of the Bustamante factor is the first I have read in the media. Please ask the City of Santa Ana and the California ABC – Licensing agency why they allowed this? Restaurants are a hotbed for sexual harassment. Besides, from my experience with the ABC, “the department conducts background checks of all applicants and may decline to issue a permit if an applicant has a criminal background”.I imagine this investor was not disclosed not disclosed as business partner.

  3. Apparently Bustamente is a silent partner for good reason! Who in Santa Ana wants to be a patron in an establishment where one of the owners is accused of SEXUAL HARRASSMENT?? And I wouldn’t be surprised if Bustamante was the one financing most of this.

  4. gotta chime in . this place is hand down a hit or miss ,but one incident bring back some bad taste in my mouth , KIM PHAM , I was rolling by after the after party and met with some peeps via bike , and some drunk tard, was mouthing off at his sister and her friend , and WHAM MFer knocked out his sister and proceed to wail on the guy trying to intervening between friend and th brother, and took off running and the chick was asking us to call the cop, but all of our phones are dead and couldn’t help out , but it was a f*cked gnarly situation even the owner was out side cleaning up , saying ” its his business” cant do that … WTF does that mean?…
    rule of the thumbs, we cant control people anger /drinking issue, some people shouldn’t drink if they cant handle their vibe

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