Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

The Orange County Lincoln Club PAC has endorsed Tea Party Republican Charles Hart for the Santa Ana City Council, even though he is a government worker, but ignored small businessman George Collins, the OC GOP-endorsed candidate for Santa Ana Mayor, and Lupe Moreno, the Minuteman who is also running for Santa Ana Mayor. 

They also inexplicably blew off newly minted Republican Karina Onofre, who is running for Ward 5 against the DPOC-endorsed Roman Reyna, but they did endorse Cecilia Iglesias for the SAUSD School Board. 

Lastly, OC GOP Central Committee member Thomas Gordon, the only Republican running for Area 3 of the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Education, was also tossed in the garbage heap.

The Lincoln Clu’s membership consists of CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs who “share common beliefs in limited government, lower taxes, and expanding economic freedom,” according to their website. Their  members claim to believe in “free markets and pro-growth public policies that allow businesses to thrive in Orange County and beyond.”

Click here to see who else the O.C. Lincoln Club endorsed for the November elections.

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3 thoughts on “The O.C. Lincoln Club rejects most of the Santa Ana Republican candidates”
  1. why are the called the lincoln club if they are for limited government and low taxes? shouldn’t they be named after a president who was for the same things? Lincoln instituted the first and second income taxes in US history and grew gov’t significantly. Ending slavery was good and if they were an anti slavery group then the name makes sense. Why not call themselves Jefferson club or Cleveland club?

  2. I also remember years ago my neighbor getting a Lincoln Club mailer in Santa Ana supporting Democratic candidate Jose Solorio for City Council and Democratic candidate Sal Tinajero for Santa Ana school board. Democrats were laughing! They have a long history of not getting it right….unless you are a Democrat! lol

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