Sun. May 26th, 2024

If you are planning on taking your muscle car to Newport Beach then watch out! The Newport Beach Police Department is going to go after loud cars, particularly those with modified exhaust systems, from November 29th thru December 27th. Here is their official press release:


Over the last few months, the Newport Beach Police Department has received numerous complaints regarding loud vehicles with modified exhaust traveling throughout the city.
As a result of these noise complaints, coupled with the high number of illegally modified vehicles that are seen on a daily basis, the Newport Beach Police Department will be launching an enforcement campaign to address these safety and quality of life issues.
In an effort to educate the public regarding loud / modified exhausts, and to make it known to violators that enforcement action will be taken, the Newport Beach Police Department has placed 2 electronic sign boards with a warning message in different locations along Pacific Coast Highway.
The Newport Beach Police Department’s Loud / Modified Vehicle Exhaust Enforcement Operation will run from November 29th thru December 27th.  During this time, there will be additional officers on patrol looking for vehicles with loud / modified exhausts that are not in compliance with CVC (California Vehicle Code) regulations.
The Newport Beach Police Department is also launching a social media campaign to heighten awareness of loud exhaust noise and increased enforcement of this violation. Visit the Newport Beach Police Department on Facebook and Instagram to view these posts.

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