Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

The Irvine Police Department’s Spectrum Team noticed two females walking into the H&M store with several large, full shopping bags on Friday night.

The police officers determined the women were returning and exchanging stolen clothing as part of a complex fraud scheme related to organized retail theft.

When the suspects exited the store, the police officers detained the two women. During the investigation, the officers recovered stolen clothing from multiple stores across California. Some of the recovered items were stolen as far away as Chicago.

Brettney Hendrix, 32, of Hayward, and Marcaysha Alexander, 31, of San Leandro, were arrested for grand theft, organized retail theft with intent to sell, exchange, or return, and possession of stolen property.

Their rental car, which was illegally parked in a disabled space, was towed from the scene. That means the pair will have to pony up for the impound fee or risk getting a surcharge from the rental company for every day the car is not returned.

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