Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

The Irvine Police Department seized a collection of items that left no doubt as to what two suspects were up to in Irvine last weekend.

The suspects cut a hole in the fence of a vehicle storage lot on Saturday and took items from stored vehicles.

On Sunday, they returned through the previously cut fence opening, to commit even more criminal activity.

The property manager observed the men on video surveillance and called the Irvine Police Dispatch.

The responding police officers found both subjects on the property continuing their crime spree!

Their vehicle was parked at a business next door loaded full of curiosities such as a “Jaws of Life” tool, shaved keys, a catalytic converter belonging to an RV, and some of the tools pictured in this post.

A male suspect, age 45, of Stanton, and Paul Jalbert, 45, of Ontario, were arrested for a garden variety of charges, including burglary, conspiracy, and narcotics possession.

The suspects got an express ride to the Orange County Jail.

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8 thoughts on “The Irvine Police arrested two armed suspects for allegedly stealing from a vehicle storage lot”
  1. How r u ganna post something about someone and not know 100 percent wat happend or who was involved the family see this and friends and if it’s not true u ruined someone’s life by posting that

    1. Hello Keith. If you have a defense to offer please let us know. We would be happy to post your remarks. We based our post on a post by the Irvine Police Dept. If they were incorrect in their post we encourage you to contact them.

    1. FYI slander refers to verbal comments about a person. Libel refers to written comments about a person. May we suggest that you use your money on a defense lawyer as that is your most pressing need at the moment? Or you can use the free Public Defender however they are prone to settling cases via plea bargains. Which means you could be looking at jail time no matter what.

      1. I won’t serve no time I didnt do anything wrong and u put I was there the night prior ur wrong again false false false

        1. Your issue is with the Irvine Police. We posted what they posted on their Facebook page. Let us know if they post a correction and we will be happy to follow suit.

          1. The video footage shows a female and male not two males the information is incorrect aswell as the stuff in picture is not mine nor did I have access to it I wasn’t thr one who broke into it or cut fence night before I was at home with my family

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