Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Santa Ana Police Department

Advisory: UPDATE – SAPD Detectives Investigating A Stabbing Death

Suspect arrested; Juan Angel Rivera (21) Santa Ana – no booking photo at this time, will update when available. Suspect will be booked for the charge of Murder.

1st UPDATE: Victim has been identified as Nathan Joe Alfaro (23) Westminster.

Summary: Thu, 3/3/16 10:37pm, Officers responded to Underground DTSA (Nightclub) at 220 East Third St. reference a call of a stabbing. The male victim, Nathan Joe Alfara (23) was inside the venue listening to punk music, when an altercation ensued and the suspect, Juan Angel Rivera (21) stabbed the victim in the upper torso.

The victim exited the establishment after being stabbed and collapsed on the street outside. The suspect is described as a Male, Hispanic, 20’s, 5’6″, wearing a black shirt and fled in unknown direction.

The victim was transported to a local hospital in critical condition and later died from his injuries.

SAPD Homicide Detectives are handling the investigation, anyone with information is asked to contact Detectives at 714-245-8390 or Orange County Crime Stoppers at 1-855-TIP-OCCS.

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20 thoughts on “Suspect in stabbing death at Underground DTSA arrested by the SAPD”
  1. I heard that Nathan was an off duty security and HE started the altercation against Juan, which became a fist fight. One that Juan couldn’t handle. This news report isn’t accurate. There was never a need for Nathan to approach the suspect. Witnesses say that people were trying to stop Nathan from pummeling Juan.

    1. He did appear to be an off duty security guard. Witnesses said that Juan was being a jerk and Nathan probably thought he was doing the right thing. Unfortunately Juan was armed. The better question is where the heck was the venue’s security guards? Why was this allowed to escalate?

      1. And ANYONE who’s familiar with Punk shows should KNOW that the mosh pit is meant for you to mosh all you want. There is NO rule to how to mosh. Normally, if you don’t like the pit, your common sense tells you to stay away. But Nathan felt he needed to Stop Juan from moshing. I feel it was an Unnecessary act of Nathan to approach Juan, when Nathan was supposed to be enjoying music, not trying do his job WHILE OFF DUTY. He looked for trouble, and he SHOULD KNOW that Santa Ana has been Dangerous THIS YEAR. Shootings almost everyday so far

          1. Someone who knew the suspect told me that the same guy, Juan, already had previous severe head trauma from falling out of a vehicle. A pummeling to the face would be life-threatening in his case I BELIEVE. Possibly acting for his own life. But that doesn’t excuse himself from being an Overly-Rowdy mosher… But I’ve seen people mosh with broken arms. And I’ve had my own face kicked on Accident. So why exactly did JUAN NEED to be put in check??? Was he already hurting people before being approached?? Did he commit a crime before being approached by Nathan?? Nathan was Offduty regardless.

      2. A witness told me they saw Nathan on top of Juan punching his face. If Nathan was an OFF DUTY security, he should’nt have payed attention to Juan. A lot of people in Santa Ana are Armed. You can’t make Juan look Psycho, like the band FEEL said he is.
        APPARENTLY the band FEEL, also felt like “Juan the Psycho mosher” needed to be PUT IN CHECK whatever that means.
        They commented Thanking Nathan for giving his life to keep the psycho mosher in check.

          1. Supposedly bystanders tryed prying Nathan Off of Juan but it was no use. Victims aren’t always innocent. I BELIEVE Juan was the initial victim, until the tables turned. And maybe Nathan made a mistake picking on the short guy.

        1. The blame clearly lies with the venue of course. I am sure the victim’s family will be filing a large civil suit against them.

    1. Why do you post Anonymously?
      I’m not as ignorant as you may perceive me as.
      Let’s meet up and chat about the subject. Or are you threatening me.

  2. Lawsuits?! That’s what’s wrong here. Why do we as a society place the blame on others. You’re 21 years old! You should be able to act accordingly. I went into that bar Friday 2/26/16. I literally walked down the steps and did an about face and walked straight out. The place was sketchy, so me, using common sense left, as did my party. Why should the venue be held liable for anything? The venue didn’t provide the knife, the venue didn’t stab the victim/suspect. Santa Ana is a beautiful city, full of diversity. 10 years ago, 4th st was nothing but transsexual prostitutes, and no one would want to be there after 8 pm. Now, it’s a major spot in the county where people from all walks of life have a venue to enjoy themselves.

    I’m tired of all these people placing the blame on others. Juan made the decision to stab Nathan. Nathan made the decision to fight Juan. Those should be the two people responsible for everything. Juan and Nathan should also pay the city for reimbursement! How much did this investigation cost tax payers? How many officers, firefighters, paramedics, EMT’s and hospital personnel were involved in this? Those two made a big boy decision that night, and they should take the big boy responsibilities.

    1. Sorry. That is not how it works. That venue owns the full liability for what happened. The victim’s family is going to get paid.

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