Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

The grass-roots neighborhood organization, Neighbors for the Santiago Creek Bike Trail, that was formed to further the goal of a bike path in the “missing link” along Santiago Creek, has launched a new website.

This “missing link” is the 1/4-mile gap located in the Santiago Creek, between the 5 Freeway underpass and Flower Street (see map on reverse.) The City of Santa Ana does not currently have a bike trail proposed in the missing link. With this link closed, our neighborhoods will have ready access to adjoining trails. We want open space and the ability to connect to these outlying bike trails, shopping centers and communities either by biking, jogging or hiking.

A path along this missing link will join us to the County’s regional bike trails and link together four neighborhoods (West Floral Park, Floral Park, Jack Fisher Park, Morrison Park), to the neighborhoods near Santiago Park (separated by the 5 Freeway) along the Creek.

The opponents of the trail have been very vocal. We need this trail to happen! They were able to convince the City to consider closing off this section of the Creek! The City has commissioned a study for that purpose! We can’t let that happen!! The trail in Santiago Creek could turn out to be one of the City’s greatest assets connecting us to the rest of the County!

If you think this is the right thing for our neighborhoods, and would like to lend us your support, or would like periodic updates, please contact us at, by providing your name(s), address and phone number.

Click here for a flyer in support of the bike trail.  Click here to see the new website in support of completing the Santiago Creek bike trail.


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5 thoughts on “Supporters of finishing the Santiago Creek Bike Trail launch new website”
  1. Here we go again…not going to rehash old stuff (well, not yet I guess) but I do have a comment posed on one of the prior articles that I am hoping to get some feedback on.

    The picture on the landing page for the new webiste and the trail petition above right, I believe is actually along, but not on, the paved portion of the trail to where I don’t really see how the paving of the trail would eliminate/reduce that type of graffitti- I am referring to the section under the bridge/freeway/Broadway/Main (not sure which).

    I would think that that portion should be able to be maintained adequately. Am I missing something about why this picture is being used to reflect how poorly maintained the more natural trail is versus the paved section? It seems to be used in bad faith or in a misleading way by the petition organizer & the new website.

  2. Information and comment on speakers at the council meeting

    (1) As you can see, the lack of a bike trail has not stopped graffiti.

    (2) The bike trail can be built on the cities land without taking anyone’s private property.

    (3) Natural creek, no it is not, this man made flood control channel was built after the 69 flood.

    (4) Negative impact on nature and animals. No evidence for this basis, here or any where else on the current bike trails

    (5) Bike trails cause homeless and crime. No, Already exist without the trail.

    >>>>>Speakers at council meeting.<<<<< 1-17-12

    J.W says: There will be a negative impact on nature. See (4)

    R.S says: Upset that there will be Imminent Domain. See (2)

    B.C. says: Blames the bike trail in Orange for homelessness and crime. See (1) (5)
    Said something about hundred year old trees. See (3) the oldest trees were planted after the flood of 69.

    Said something about natural green belt. See (3)

    Said he enjoys riding the bike trail all over the city of Orange to Santa Ana. (Why does someone from Orange who enjoys the bike trail want to deny the same enjoyment to Santa Ana people and everyone else?)

    C.L says: No money in budget to pay for trail. (There is money, specific use money for it)

    (note the trail will not go by his property as it already exist on Memory Lane)

    M.O. says: 40 homes will be impacted. (The cities property runs along 11 homes only.)

    J.B. says: She lives in Floral Park side. (The trail will not even be visible to her property)

    You can view the council meeting on the cities web site in the archive section.

    The answers to the Mayor Pro Tem questions are not yet on the web site. web site for “anti bike trail” that can be check for difference of opinion.

    I am hoping that the Save Santiago creek alliance come up with alterative that makes sense or a design on the public right of way that they can be comfortable with.

    The bike trail is small potatoes to what the army corp’s needs to do to that flood control channel to double it water carrying capacity.

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