Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Left to Right: Martha Lester – Executive Director, Janet Nguyen – First District County Board Supervisor, Cindy Thomas – Director of Behavioral Health, Allen Stafford – The Gary Center Founder


The Gary Center celebrated the grand opening of their new office, SACS on 17th, in Santa Ana last Thursday, September 15th. SACS or Substance Abuse Counseling Systems opened July 1st to serve and treat individuals and families struggling with substance abuse recovery.

Allen Stafford, the founder of The Gary Center and the First District County Board Supervisor, Janet Nguyen, had the honor of cutting the red ribbon at the event.

Many supporters of the Gary Center attended the event including, board members, volunteers and administrators of the Orange County Health Care Agency.

SACS is a dba of The Gary Center and a project funded by the County of Orange Health Care Agency. The Gary Center has served the North Orange County community for 40 years and is proud to be offering its services now in central OC.


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4 thoughts on “Supervisor Nguyen shows up at grand opening of substance abuse center”
  1. She was probably there to thank them for their past support. You’d have to be on drugs to vote for that b*tch.

    Now that they have sobered up I doubt they will be making that mistake again.

  2. I hope Lou Correa beats Janet Nguyen!

    Janet Nguyen is a witch and she has a sh*tty attitude.

    Even some Vietnamese people can’t stand her and I know they would vote for Lou.

    Let’s get rid of Janet Nguyen the biggest retard.

    Janet is the worst Supervisors in the County. Learn how to speak english.

  3. If Lou doesn’t run we need to convince Van Tran to run for 1st District Supervisor. I know that all my friends would vote for Van Tran instead of Janet Nguyen.

    I was at the protest last year when she tried to steal the event from the Asian people for her own political party. The people have not forgotten! Let’s get a real supervisor not a clown like Janet Nguyen.

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