Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Special interestes have now poured over $350,000 in Independent Expenditures into the race for the 69th Assembly District, on behalf of O.C. Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly.  Click here to see for yourself.

Special interests have also poured over $120,000 in Independent Expencitures into the race on behalf of liberal union hack Julio Perez.

Yet bloggers at the Liberal OC, the Voice of OC and the Orange Juice blog, as well as the OC Political Blog (not to be confused with the blog you’re reading) have humored themselves by attacking the leading Hispanic candidate for the heavily Latino 69th A.D., Michele Martinez, because of a $250 contribution that she received.  Amazing.

Why so much is being spent to promote Daly, in a Latino district, and Perez, who is virtually unknown outside of union circles, is a real mystery. 

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